Q. Is the Scrambl3 Private Mobile Network the most secure commercially available mobile network?

A. Yes. Our mobile network achieves its strength by leveraging the combined benefits of dual, layered encryption tunnels. This architecture provides an exponential increase in protection from both legal and illegal surveillance compared to all other mobile networks.

Q. What does Scrambl3 cost?

A. Scrambl3 is free.

Q. Does Scrambl3 use traditional 10 digit phone numbers?

A. No. Members create a Scramble name consisting of letters and numbers. To insure the highest degree of security on our members’ Private Mobile Networks, no access is provided to standard 10 digit telephone numbers (PSTN) because they are subject to continuous surveillance. It is paramount that all calls made with Scrambl3 are Private and Confidential.

Q. Why doesn’t Scrambl3 interface with standard mobile numbers or landlines (PSTN)?

A. Scrambl3 is designed with a single purpose – to make secure phone calls and texts that provide the highest level of Privacy and Confidentiality for its members. Competitor mobile networks that provide such an interface to Publicly Switched Networks (PSTN) convey a misleading degree of security to their subscribers because only calls that are secure at both ends provide security at all.

Q. How do I create a Scrambl3 Private Mobile Network?

A. When two or more Scrambl3 members agree to exchange their private Scrambl3 names and place them in their respective Scrambl3 “Black Books,” they create their own Private Mobile Network that maintains their Privacy by protecting the communication from surveillance. Scrambl3 members on the same billing account are automatically included in each other's Scrambl3 “Black Book.”

Q. Is Scrambl3 subject to surveillance by government agencies?

A. No. Scrambl3 is a private network. Only public networks are subject to government surveillance. Scrambl3 does not interface with public networks. Mobile networks that interface to public networks are highly vulnerable to surveillance.

Q. Does a Scrambl3 Private Mobile Network have a back door for surveillance?

A. No. The multi-layer encryption architecture of our Scrambl3 Private Mobile Network was designed to prevent back doors. Our sole objective is to provide the ultimate protection of Privacy and Confidentiality for our members.

Q. Can the Scrambl3 Private Mobile Network interface with leading Mobile Device Managers (MDM) to provide Mobile Device policies for the employees of large Enterprises who use mobile devices to access sensitive/confidential information contained on its servers?

A. Yes. Scrambl3 can deliver an integrated solution for Enterprises that wish to employ MDM for its mobile users. When an Enterprise’s MDM identifies a mobile device with compromised security, Scrambl3 can revoke the device’s access to the Enterprise’s servers.

Q. Is the Scrambl3 Private Mobile Network available for purchase by an Enterprise that wishes to manage and own their mobile network?

A. Yes. Please send an inquiry to support@scrambl3.com for pricing and availability.