Problem: My Scrambl3 app fails within an hour of logging in –and my Internet browser will not open while using Scrambl3.

Resolution: Check the version of Android software that your phone is using. Google’s Android version 4.4.2 is not supported bv Scrambl3 because it has a bug with its VPN functionality. Google fixed the bug with Android version 5. Please update your phone’s Android software to version 5 as soon as it becomes available for your phone or tablet.

Problem: Call quality is poor when using Scrambl3, even when my phone indicates that strong WiFi or Cellular reception.

Resolution: Your phone’s Internet connection is weak or unstable. You can test the quality of your Internet connection by placing a call to the “Internet Test Call” contact in your Black Book. Please note: The reception bars on your phone are not an indicator of Internet connectivity or quality. But rather, they are an indicator of how strong your phone is connected to your cell tower (Mobile Data) or Wireless Router (WiFi). In the event that your WiFi signal is very weak, you may wish to try turning WiFi off on your phone for the call. Data charges may apply from your carrier. Please note that a congested network (e.g.- Sports Arena) on a WiFi or Cellular network may result in a poor quality call.

Problem: Why is there a grey dot to the left of a name in my Black Book?

Resolution: The person with a grey dot next to their name is not currently signed into their Scrambl3 app on their phone. When the person signs into their Scrambl3 app, the dot will turn green, and you will be able to securely call and text them.

Problem: Why is there a green dot to the left of a name in my Black Book?

Resolution: The person with a green dot next to their name is signed in to the Scrambl3 (i.e.- Private Mobile Network is established) and is ready to accept secure calls and texts.

Problem: Why is there a red dot to the left of a name in my Black Book?

Resolution: The person with a Red dot next to their name has not added your Scrambl3 name to their Black Book. In order for you to call another Scrambl3 member, they must first add your Scrambl3 name to their Black Book.

Problem: I cannot make a call when my phone is on a 2G or Edge Cellular network.

Resolution: WiFi, 3G or 4G Cellular connections are required to make calls using Scrambl3. Anything less than 3G or 4G does not have enough bandwidth to support the highly encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is created by Scrambl3.

Problem: When I click on the link you sent me to verify my email address, I get a warning message from McAfee or another virus application.

Resolution: As a precaution, some virus software applications provide this warning message anytime a link is embedded in an email.

Problem: What causes the message “Scrambl3 App has stopped?”

Resolution: You may have lost all Internet connectivity while logged into Scrambl3. Log back into your Scrambl3 App when you have an Internet Connection. The Scrambl3 App may stop if you lose both WiFi and Cellular Internet connectivity.