Why You Need Scrambl3

You need Scrambl3 to protect the Privacy and Confidentiality of your Mobile Voice and Text Communications

President Barack Obama and General Keith Alexander, Director of the NSA and Commander of the United States Cyber Command, have warned Americans that the loss of industrial information and intellectual proper through Cyber espionage (surveillance) is causing the “greatest transfer of wealth in history.” In an effort to stop this theft, the NSA created a new set of Mobility Standards to secure mobile communications over Internet based Networks. And, the NSA is encouraging U.S. Businesses and Government Agencies to adopt these Standards. The Scrambl3 [Private Mobile Network] is “First-to-Market” to incorporate these tough new NSA standards that were designed to protect U.S. National Security and sensitive Corporate mobile communication.

Private and Confidential Information that Scrambl3 is prepared to protect from both legal and illegal Surveillance, as well as, corporate espionage



Government Officials