5 Smart Ways To Use Eggs
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5 Smart Ways To Use Eggs

EGGS……have you ever thought about using fresh eggs for anything , but cooking and baking?

5 Smart Ways To Use Eggs

Nooooo?…….Well, I am here to show you 5 smart ways…… 5 different ways to use EGGS…..so lets get CRACK-IN’, shall we?

5 Smart Ways To Use Eggs#1 Having problems with puffy eyes?…..crack an egg into a bowl and rub the inside of the shell gently with your finger. Apply the clear film onto the puffy under-eye area. Let it dry and gently rinse with cool water.

#2 Grow Beautiful & Healthy Plants……keep your leftover eggshells and once you have few just crush the eggshells and sprinkle them over the soil. The calcium in the eggshells will help your plants grown…..plus sharp edges of the eggshells also act as perfect pest repellent.

#3 Enjoy Black Coffee Without Cream & Bitter Taste……if you are trying to cut down on calories, but you just can’t bring yourself to drink your coffee without cream or milk……just add 1 teaspoon of dry crushed eggshells into your coffee grounds before brewing.The calcium carbonate in eggshells will neutralize the acid in coffee grounds and the result will be smooth coffee without the strong bitter taste.

5 Smart Ways To Use Eggs#4 Give Tired Leather a New Life……if your leather purse or shoes are looking tired and scruffy give it a new life with little help from egg white. In a bowl separate egg white from egg yolks. Use dry cloth to apply egg whites onto the leather in circular motions.The protein in egg whites will give your old tired leather a new shine.

#5 Plug a Leaky Car Radiator…..no this will not fix your leaky radiator, but it will give you few days or running car till you can get your car fixed…..pour 1 egg white into the radiator (the coolant opening) right after turning the car off. The heat from engine will cook the egg white and the solid particles will sink into holes and will block the leak TEMPORARILY.

How about you? Do you have any smart ways to use EGGS….other then for cooking or baking?

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