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Feng Shui To Better Life

I am certain that you’ve heard of Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi (chi)…..quite a mouthful….isn’t it?

I must admit….I always was somewhat intrigued by Feng Shui following,but never took the time to really learn about it.

Feng Shui To Better LifeMany books and articles have been written about Feng Shui. Feng Shui has many followers and practitioners who believe that certain objects and their placement can improve or change your life.

Here are few examples how simple changes following Feng Shui according to the experts can make your life better.

Hey, I’ll try everything…..ONCE….so it’s worth the try. Are you with me?

Feng Shui your way to SLIMMER you.

If everywhere you look you see knickknacks and you are still trying to lose last few pounds it’s time for clean up.

According to Feng Shui experts all you knickknacks are unconsciously keeping you from reaching your weight goal bye bye knickknacks – hello bikinis.

Feng Shui your way to ENERGETIC you.

Is your home cluttered and messy?

Feng Shui To Better LifeEverywhere you look there are toys lying around, kids games and books spread out? Are you tripping over exercise equipment in my case using it as a clothes hanger ?

This mess and chaos can be the reason why you feel tired and drained I thought it was the constant stepping over things and bending down picking them up that made me tired.

The Feng Shui experts tell us that keeping everything organized and put away in it’s spot will allow “QI” – the energizing life force to flow freely. As a result it will bring balance, promote harmony and unleash energy in my house cleaning after yourself = happy mom = harmony.

Feng Shui your way to BETTER MOOD.

If you are feeling blue and sad you can blame it on stuff piled up on the floor.

According to Feng Shui any items that don’t belong on the floor will bring low and sad energy. If you want to boost your mood even more Feng Shui can help. Just move your plants off the floor and raise them to table height.

Feng Shui your way to SERENITY and PEACE by putting up round mirrors.

Sharp edges and corners block Qi.

Feng Shui experts claim that round mirrors promote never ending flow of positive energy. The round shape helps energy to move freely and fills the room with a relaxing calm.

Feng Shui To Better LifeFeng Shui away from JEALOUSY.

We all are guilty of getting the green-eyed monster the best of us once in awhile.

According to Feng Shui teaching placing one or two bamboo shoots in a vase will keep our jealousy at bay.

I know there is way more into Feng Shui that just a few tips and changes and I could spend hours learning about it and changing my life around it….for right now I will start with baby steps and see where it takes me.

I am ready to try some FENG SHUI to better my life…..How about you?

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