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8 Things Asked In Quiz To Find The Right Body Type Of A Person 

Every person tends to have a certain body type, so every person tends to look different. Some people are tall and thin; others are round and soft. This depends on various factors like the overall bone structure, fat storage, activity levels, genetics, etc. There are three types of general body types; endomorphs, ectomorphs, and mesomorphs. One can find what is the body type one has with what is my body type quiz. Few things that are considered in general terms to find the body type is: 

Wrist size

Size of the wrist and if one person can encircle their wrist with their fingers or not. In some people, one cannot touch their fingers after encircling their wrists. In others, they can touch, and in some more thin people, the fingers may get overlapped. 

Tendency to gain weight

One of the major things that control the body type is the tendency of a person to gain weight. In some people, weight tendencies are low, and thus they can eat whatever they want without much gain. Others, on the other hand, can gain weight super easily. At the same time, there is a third category where it completely depends on their daily diet and frequency of having weight gaining food. 

Fat gaining

Fast storage is one of the biggest things that decide the body type. One either store’s fat in their abdomen or their lower body like buttocks and thighs. Also, in some people, fat storage tends to be more even and balanced.


The next thing that is considered is the physique type. Some people tend to be more rectangular with wide shoulders and muscular structure, some are more rounded and soft, and others are simply long and thin in structure. Complete what is my body type quiz and get a body type idea. 

Food habits

People generally have different food habits. They either consciously or subconsciously eat a thing that affects their body weight and type. The body is largely affected by how controlled one’s diet is. This also affects the metabolism of the person. Having better metabolism means burning the calories faster and less fat storage. People with slow metabolism are more prone to gaining weight.

Body proportions

Everybody has a different body proportion. Regardless of what their weight is or how much body fat one has. Few things that can help in understanding one’s body type are fingers, wrists, and ankles. Also, one can understand the body type by how narrow or broad one’s shoulder is and if their shoulders are wider than the hips or narrower than the hips. 

Base body type

When a child is growing, they tend to have changed their height, weight, muscle mass and body fat with increasing age. Therefore, one cannot judge their current body type based on their back when they were ten years old. But, one can always judge their body type with how they use to be after reaching the teenage years or after reaching the maximum height. 

Activity level

Lastly, a person’s activity level can have a lot of impact on what one looks like. Having a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and more fat storage. Also, having a more active lifestyle can lead to better fat management, weight management, and muscle mass. 

The body type of a person necessarily does not tell about their fitness. A person can be fit and healthy and still can be on the heavier side. 

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