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Good News Vs Bad News

Just like a coin with two sides, the news we heard and read every single day is either good or bad, sometimes, a combination of both. But the main question is, which one should really come first, good news or bad news? While most people would prefer the good news first before bad news, some people consider the complete opposite. They would rather want to know the bad first so they can manage and digest the message to be followed by the good news to brighten the mood and lift up the spirits.

But it is advisable to be fully and completely honest with ourselves that no one really wants to hear, read and receive bad news. But before we go any further, let us define first the differences between good news and bad news. They might be extremely different, but sometimes, if not most of the time, these two news share the same elements that people get confused on which one is which.

Bad News

Bad news are considered poorly written and created to lead readers astray. Bad news are simply messages that are not based in mere facts and they distract people from getting the right and accurate information they needed. Most of the time, the definition of bad news always get the wrong impression. Bad news is not about a car accident, a disaster that killed hundreds of lives, a terrorist attack or fall down in the economy. These are just sad and tragic events that digital news sites or newspapers bring to us. But definitely, they are not bad news.

Good News

Good News is accurate, relevant, quality, well executed and excellently delivered to the audience. In simple terms, bad news is the right message that we need to be armed with timely information about the current events and happening in our surroundings. Unlike bad news, good news came from mere facts and reliable resources.

Which should come first?

For businesses and other fields, it is advisable to give the bad news first. This is to allow the receiver to digest and process the information. An application rejection, exam failure, declined proposals and other negative implications are often hard to accept at first and it will take a while the receiver fully recovered from the negative results he received. Thus, giving first the bad news would always be recommended in all industry setting. Consequently, giving the good news after the bad ones would definitely lift up the spirits of the receiver. Despite the negative results, he’ll recover easily as the good news will serve as the sunshine bringer.

With the help of technology, news, whether good or bad can easily be accessed. Nowadays, news sites are all over the Internet making it easier for us to get the information we need and to make ourselves up to date with the latest events in our society. You can also check some foreign sites like CNN en Espanol where you Spanish news translated into English for you to have full understanding of the message.


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