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How To Express Your Love Through Action – Learn about them 

Although it’s great to hear the words “I love you” from that special someone, the actions often count more in the long run. Gestures that show the person how much you love them are better felt and encourage bond and trust within the relationship. It might seem complicated at first, but showing your love through actions can be accomplished through simple yet meaningful steps.

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If you’re currently wondering how to make this happen, following are some suggestions that should help:


There’s something about surprising her with gifts or dinner dates that really lets the girl know how you feel. You can do this even if there is no occasion to make it really astonishing for her. There’s no need to spring out hundreds of dollars for the surprise. Simple flowers, some stuff toys or anything you know she likes will go over well as long as she doesn’t expect it. To make the surprise even better, you can try presenting her with something that you know she likes or have always wanted. Pay close attention to what she says during conversations and you should have a good idea for a gift.

Don’t Forget

Females adore anniversaries and birthdays so never forget those events. Thanks to mobile phones, this should be a simple matter of setting your calendar to remind you of any important event. Take her to dinner or give her a gift to show that you haven’t forgotten the important occasion. In most cases, being able to remember the date is already a point in your favor.

Ask about Her Day

Asking about her day means that you are interested with what she went through for the past 24 hours.

Mean What You Say

Make promises and keep them. She should be able to trust you even with the smallest details of her life and in return, you’d be able to trust her as well. This helps cement the foundation of a relationship, making it stronger between you two.

Bubble Bath

A long and luxurious bath is something few women now have the chance to enjoy. Welcome her home with this set up, making sure that the bath water is ready, the candles are lit and there’s champagne chilling by the fridge. All she has to do is strip naked (you could do that for her too!) and sink under the bubbles. After the bath, you can have dinner all laid out in preparation.

Compliment Her

Make her feel good about herself through sincere compliments. It could be anything from her hair to her dress. Let her know that you appreciate the way she tries to look good for you every time you guys go out. This simple gesture wouldn’t cost you anything but would definitely make her feel happier.

Body Language

Body language is an important aspect of relationships. It manages to convey a lot without the male actually having to talk. You can try holding her hand when out in public or perhaps keeping your arms around her shoulders for support. These small gestures are a form of flirtation while at the same time showing her of your protective nature. When done in public, these slight touches are seen as a declaration of your affections which makes her feel even more special. We have 2 other articles fully dedicated to describe body language for both genders:

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Breakfast and House Chores

Try waking up your partner with a great breakfast and follow it up by doing the dishes, cleaning the house and various other chores that she ordinarily does. This frees up a lot of her time, giving your partner the chance to just sit back and relax in the house. Although it might seem remarkably simple, this is actually one of the best gestures you can offer with zero need to spend money.

Let Her Know through Sex

Sex is one of the most powerful factors in a relationship and one of the best ways to communicate your affections. You can do this by not being selfish in bed and making sure that she always reaches orgasm before you. Pay very close attention to her body, perhaps taking a long time with the foreplay to make sure that she enjoys every second of the intercourse. This will not only make her feel thoroughly loved but can also make her feel grateful enough to show you her affection.

Quality Time

Although sex might be one of the best ways to show your love, it isn’t the only one. Spend quality time with each other without the conflict of sexual intercourse. It can be something as simple as a walk in the park or perhaps watching a movie together. Just let yourselves bask in the comfort of being with each other.

Small Notes and Messages

Get cutesy once in a while by sending her love notes either in private or in public. A simple post on her Facebook wall would work too and the best part is that all of her friends would see it. This makes it more special since you’re making a “public” declaration, allowing her to feel more loved and pampered.

Consider Her Opinion

If you’re in the middle of a problem or a dilemma, don’t think twice about consulting her. Let your partner know of the problem and take her advice into consideration. This not only makes you feel better but also lets her know that you value her thoughts and opinions in the relationship. In return, she’d be more than happy to talk to you about her personal concerns and share some aspects of her life with you.

Be Thoughtful

Everyone has personality quirks and there’s a good chance that your partner has at least one. It can be something as simple as not liking pineapples on her pizza or perhaps not really fond of peas on her food. Know these little quirks and try to bend a little to accommodate her likes and dislikes, such as picking out the peas or removing the pineapples on her half. It’s a simple gesture, but the fact that you do it really lets her know how much you care.

Let Her Have Fun

Let her know you trust her by giving her space to be out with friends without your presence. Being with friends can offer her a kind of relaxation that isn’t just possible with you being around. In fact, you can try suggesting a girl’s night out for her by volunteering to take care of the kids.

Of course, those are just few of the methods you can use to show her your love. Keep in mind that there are differences in every relationship and what works for one couple may not work for another. This is why it’s crucial that you know your partner thoroughly and aware of what she likes and dislikes. By having a good handle on your partner’s personality, you’d be able to come up with excellent actions that will practically scream of your love for her.

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