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Mine Little Pony Mod

My little pony mod will be a good choice for you who love watching the cartoon My Little Pony Friendship is magic when you were a kid. This mod will be very interesting for the pony lover. You can be the Pegasus or the unicorn using this mod. You will get different experiences from the common Minecraft mod with this Minecraft mod. Something that will make you be more attractive with its attractive skin and all of the thongs about the little pony that is brought to be Minecraft mod with mine little pony mod. You will see the little pony mining and do all the things in the Minecraft world via your mc account.

Mine Little Pony Mod: Feature and Installation

This mod might be not really popular among the boys because the theme of the mod is quite girlish. However, this mine little pony mod has some interesting features that will absolutely satisfy you. For the boy who ashamed of playing this mod, he will also be able to play this Minecraft mod without being caught by other Minecrafter, because when you play it online, other Minecrafter will not see you playing this Minecraft mod. The mod changes all the texture of your Minecraft world to be the little pony world, just the same with the cartoon of the little pony. You can see the pony and the Pegasus mining in the Minecraft world. You can choose the game level you want to play just by clicking the single number in Minecraft.

This mod is actually really interesting. You can apply it in our Minecraft by installing the mine little pony mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 download. You can follow the steps below to install the mod.

  • Download the ModLoader
  • Download the mine little pony mod that compatible with your Minecraft version
  • Open the WinRAR and copy the file in your mod
  • Run the %appdata%
  • Open the .minecraft/bin
  • Move the file into the minecraft.jar
  • Delete the META INF folder
  • Done, enjoy playing the mine little pony mod

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