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Natural Remedies for Curing Back Pain

Backpain is one of the most common problems and many people are afflicted by it in the recent years. There is an increased risk of this disease these days due to hazardous work patterns and sedentary lifestyle. Moreover emotional disorders such as stress and depression may add up to the problem further. Obesity is also responsible for causing backpain as the backbone bears the weight of the entire body.

In majority of the cases of backpain, the pain is usually felt in the middle of the back or the lower part. This pain may spread to the hips and both sides of the waist. It goes on increasing due to which the patient is unable to move and is bedridden.

Majority of backpain patients suffer from what is called lumber or cervical spondylytis. It is a degenerative disease in which the vertebral bone loses its shape and becomes soft. This loses the flexibility of the spine further.

The main causes of backpain are poor posture, joint strain, incorrect nutrition and muscle tension. Chronic or acute illnesses like prostrate or kidney problems, influenza and arthritis and female disorders may also lead to back pain. Other causes include improper lifting of weights, stress and strain resulting from sitting for a long time, emotional problems and high heels which may cause painful muscle cramping. Top tips for recovery following microdiscectomy or lumbar discectomy will be provided to the person. The wearing of the high heels should be reduced for relaxation of the muscles. 

Nature Cure for Backpain: Drugs prescribed by modern medical science to relax muscles or relieve pain does not remove the root cause of the problem. Moreever they can perpetuate the disease even further and become habit forming in case of excessive intake.

People in sedentary occupations should adopt certain safety measures to prevent and relieve backpain. Exercise is one of the most important of all these measures which improves the supply of nutrients to the spinal discs thereby delaying the deterioration process further, that comes with age and affects eventually everybody.

Safe exercises such as walking, cycling and swimming should be done keeping the back straight. Obese persons should try to control their weight as an important step towards preventing backpain as excess weight greatly increases the strain on the soft back tissues.

Persons in sedentary occupations should avoid sitting continuously at one place and take a break to stand up every one to two hours. Sitting positions should be changed as often as possible and soft seats should be avoided. Persons suffering from backpain should sleep on a firm mat on one side with properly bent knees at right angles. They should also maintain a caution while lifting objects and see that they do not bend from their back, but instead go close to the object, bend their knees keeping the back erect and lift the object.

A diet consisting of salads of raw vegetables such as carrot, radish, tomato, cabbage and at least one or two cooked or steamed vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, and plenty of fruits except bananas should be taken by a patient suffering from back trouble. Fruits may be taken during breakfast, lunch may consist of whole wheat chapattis and steamed vegetables and a bowl full of sprouts and raw salads may be taken during night time dinner.

Foods such as tea, coffee, sweets, sugar, fatty, spicy and fried foods and curd should be avoided by persons suffering from back pain.

Certain vitamins such as Vitamin C and proteins are essential for the development of healthy bones. Calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin D and essential trace elements are necessary for healthy bones. Refined and processed foods containing preservatives have a few nutrients and should be eliminated from daily diet. Vitamin C has been found to be very beneficial in averting spinal disc operations and relieving pain.

Application of hot water bags, alternate sponging and hot fomentations are also very helpful in giving immediate relief from back pain.

Yogic asanas such as shalabhasana, uttanpadasana, bhujangasana, shavasana and halasana have also been found helpful in relieving backpain. The back can also be strengthened through exercise, relaxation and proper nutrition and in the process general health may improve.

Thus it can be concluded that natural remedies have been found to be very beneficial and helpful in the treatment and cure of backpain.

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