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5 Reasons Camping is a Great Vacation for Young Families

When choosing the right family vacation for your family, several faraway and exciting destinations may come to mind. Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit that expensive theme park, or perhaps an all-inclusive tropical family resort is in your future. Before you pull out the credit card for more holiday than your family can handle, consider camping as an option. When it comes to vacationing with young children or infants, you will find that the benefits of camping can last a lifetime.

The number one factor that most families consider when choosing vacation destinations is cost. When you already have high monthly expenses due to diapers, food, clothing, and other necessities for little ones, there usually isn’t much to spare for a vacation fund. Now is a great time to pay for a trip with cash and avoid credit cards as much as possible. Camping costs are close to those you already have for day-to-day expenses, with only the addition of extra gasoline and park fees. If you choose to opt out of unnecessary tourist-traps, you can keep your spending to a minimum. That money you save this year can be put back for more exotic family vacations when the children are older, or you may decide to put together a fund for a romantic Mommy and Daddy getaway! For family vacations, the use of a large family camping tent can be done through the person. Different cabins will be made available to the person for spending the vacations. The spending of money and efforts will be less for the spending of the vacations with children and spouse or partner.  

Campgrounds and facilities tend to be located in or near state parks and national recreation areas. These spots are alive with history, science and nature, and everyone in the family can learn about their world around them while camping and sightseeing. For ideas on what to visit at your next camping trip, simply contact the state visitor’s bureau for the destination of your escape. They will usually have all the of the best vacation stops in detail on their website. If you have time before leaving, you may choose to order free brochures or vacation planners so that children will have the opportunity to see where they will be heading before you hit the road. Being able to visualize their adventure in advance will ease anxiety about leaving home, and older children can “study up” on some of the new things they will be learning about.

What good is a family vacation without family bonding? Most avid campers agree that teambuilding is a serious side-effect of camping together! Whether you are helping to build a fire, pitch a tent, read roadmaps, clean up trash, or scrub the pots and pans, families that work together in a fun environment often go home with an attitude of gratitude and closeness with their siblings. There are several excellent books on camping activities that will take the guesswork out of planning fun games for everyone. Singing songs, campfire stories, scavenger hunts, and swimming are just a few of the hundreds of things families can do together!

While most people have good experiences with hotels and motels, others swear by the benefits of camping with your own supplies. When you use your own blankets and sheets, there is no need to check for bedbugs or clean linens, as you know where they came from. Also, children will be likely to feel more “at home” when you bring “home” with you. Kids can pack their own pillows and sleeping bags, books, toys, and favorite stuffed animals. This is likely to ease anxiety about sleeping someplace strange, and they will be having fun in their new setting in no time! And with most campgrounds just minutes from shopping centers and retail outlets, you can easily find anything you may have forgotten. Some campgrounds even have their own general stores.

Consider camping this year. It is a great way to build memories and skills that your family will always treasure, and it won’t break your pocketbook.

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