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Get Started With Your First Dose Of Delta 8

You might have heard about the new vegan CBD hemp gummies online in town, and have been curious to try it. Well, here’s some good news for you! Delta 8 has launched a new line of cannabis-infused candies that are not only great tasting but also extremely potent too.

So, we took a look at what makes Delta 8 different from other CBD brands, and if it is indeed better than Delta 9 or any other brand out there.

As with most things in life, Delta 8 is a lot more complex than people would think. There’s no one simple answer to this question. But, we did our best to break down everything you need to know to get started with your first dose of Delta 8.

What Is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a popular new brand of cannabis-infused gummies that are made by the same guys who brought us Delta 9. The company was founded by two brothers named John and Michael Rieck.

The founders say that they are passionate about all kinds of gummies and candy products, and wanted to bring their own unique twist on the market. So, they decided to take on the CBD industry and create something exciting, delicious, and most importantly – powerful.

According to the Riecks, Delta 8 contains high amounts of THC which can be up to 15 percent (compared to Delta 9 which tops out at around 10%).

They also said that Delta 8 will contain more cannabinoids than any other product on the market, with up to 5 grams of THCa per serving as well as up to 3 grams of CBD and CBDa.

And because this product is so potent, they recommend starting off with just 1 piece of candy per day to see how you react to it.

How Does Delta 8 Differ From Delta 9?

Well, let’s start with the most obvious difference between these two products. While both are made by the same folks, Delta 8 uses a whole new packaging design and a completely separate distribution system. And it turns out that this may actually be a good thing.

As mentioned earlier, Delta 9 is known for its potency. It has traditionally been one of the highest-rated THC levels in the market. However, since it is now being distributed by multiple companies, consumers have noticed that it isn’t always consistent, nor is the quality of the product always top notch.

Delta 8 was designed to offer an alternative to users who are looking for a stronger product without having to worry about quality control issues. In fact, the makers claim that Delta 8 is “the strongest CBD product available on the market today”.

It’s also worth noting that Delta 8 has been approved by the state of Texas, unlike Delta 9 which hasn’t been approved yet. That means that Delta 8 won’t be regulated under the Texas Compassionate Use Act (TCUA) until it gets its final stamp of approval. At present, the TCUA requires that companies submit documentation showing that the THC level doesn’t exceed 2.5% in order to qualify for the program.

But, according to the Riecks, Delta 8 has already begun shipping to customers under the TCUA. They added that they were expecting to receive the necessary approvals sometime next year.

In addition to the THC content, Delta 8 also differs slightly from Delta 9 in terms of the ingredients used to make the product. As mentioned earlier, Delta 8 contains up to 5 grams of THCA per serving while Delta 9 offers up to 4 grams of CBD. This should give you an idea of where Delta 8 stands compared to other brands in the market.

The Riecks said that they use different strains of hemp for each batch of their products, and that the THC levels vary depending on the strain. Some of them end up being very potent, while others are much weaker. So, the amount of THC in the gummy itself is going to be determined by the strain of hemp.

If you want to learn more about the ingredients behind Delta 8, check out this video:

Is Delta 8 Worth Buying?

When it comes to choosing which CBD product to buy, there really is no right answer. It depends entirely on what you’re looking for. If THC content is your main concern, then Delta 9 might be the better option for you. On the other hand, if you prefer CBD gummies that don’t have a strong psychoactive effect, then Delta 8 could be a good choice.

This is especially true if you’re looking for something that packs a punch but does not overdo it. For example, if you’re looking for a quick pick me up that doesn’t mess with your head, then Delta 8 could be perfect for you. But, if you’re someone who prefers a long-lasting effect, then there’s no doubt that Delta 9 will provide you with a higher dosage of cannabinoids.

Ultimately, if you’re still unsure whether Delta 8 is worth buying or not, then it’s probably best to try out a few pieces before making a decision. You never know when you might like something better, or worse.

Are Delta 8 & Delta 9 Different Products?

The short answer is yes! These aren’t the same products. Yes, they come from the same team of scientists and are produced using the same methods, but Delta 8 is the newer, stronger version of Delta 9. It’s not exactly the same gummy either, but it is similar enough to be considered an improved edition.

So, if you already bought a package of Delta 9, chances are your new purchase is going to be Delta 8. Both packages do contain the exact same amount of CBD and THC, but Delta 8 just seems to pack a bit more oomph.

That’s why Delta 8 is often referred to as the ‘strongest CBD gummy on the market’. The name alone should tell you that it’s definitely a step above Delta 9.

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