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5 Simplest Ways To Achieve Your Weight Loss Resolution

Here goes another New Year’s resolution for me for the upcoming 2010. There are a lot of diets out there that work for some but not all people so I’ve decided to do my own diet that works for me. Unlike most diets, their frustrating and complicated but the way I plan to do it is going to be direct and straight to the point. Along with all these ways, you can also try coolsculpting which is an effective way to keep your body in shape. CoolSculpting for arms and skin is also there that will help in removing the additional fat that is accumulated in your arms and legs so that you get a perfect body shape.

Walking Twice A Day:

The first thing that I plan to do is walk for an hour in the morning and walk for an hour in the evening. Altogether, I’ll be walking a total of two hours a day. Walking is the simplest and cheapest exercise that anyone can do because everywhere you go, you already walking. Plus, the entire world is your treadmill. When I walk, I plan to walk casually. I’m not going to a brisk walk or anything like that because if you’re going to walk twice a day, you’re only going to tire yourself out in the first thirty minutes of your morning walk. Enjoy your walks at the park. No need to hurry! Unless of course you have to go to work and you absolutely have to brisk walk. If you must do this, don’t forget to make it ‘simple’ and easy for yourself. Suggestion: Just because you have to go to work, doesn’t mean you HAVE to rush or a brisk walk. If you do, you’ll tire yourself out before you go to work and you won’t be able to accomplish what you might need to during the day.

Drinking Loads of Water:

I plan on drinking at least three to four 52 oz. cups of water a day. One 52 oz. cup of water holds about six cups of water. So next time when you visit your local corner store, don’t forget to pick up a 52 oz cup. If they don’t carry 52 oz. cup, pick up another fairly large cup. If you’re unsure about how many cups it holds, go into your kitchen and break out the measuring cup. Fill the measuring cup with water to the (1 Cup) measurement line and then pour it in your large corner store cup until it’s filled. Don’t forget to count many times you pour. I recommend a large corner store cup only because when you fill it up all the way, you already know how many cups of water you’re going to be drinking. Plus, you can take it anywhere with you as a reminder to drink it all.

No Sugar:

This one going to be the hardest for me but I’ve agreed to not eat so much sugar. I say “Not so much” because I know I can’t quit cold turkey. Things take time and I only plan to deal with “The Sugar Problem” only when it’s presented right in front of me because there’s just no use in worrying about it all day everyday about not having my favorite milkshake. That would be just dumb!

Eating What I Want:

I believe that you can eat whatever you want; you just can’t have a lot of it. If you so use to having a double cheeseburger with your large number one at Burger King, why not just order a small number one today and have the double cheeseburger tomorrow with a side of small french fries? You would still be eating what you normally eat, just not so much. If you think not being able to have a slice of a chocolate cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream is hard, you’re making it even harder for yourself. Especially when you decide to go ahead and eat it without thinking about the guilt you’re going to feel afterward. There’s plenty of time to have chocolate cake and ice cream. Just that right now’s not the time. The more you continue to think like this, the easier and simple it would be for you to give it up later. Just make the better and most satisfying decision.

Turn It Into Something Simple:

These things are only hard for you only if you make it out to be. You just have to make it work out to what best suits you. Everyone has their own preferences as to what they like and what they’re comfortable with. Most of all, they all want the easiest and the simplest diet out there. There are just different ways of thinking but it’s mostly about having common sense. You know what’s right and wrong. If you know what’s right for you, the decision is easy! Enjoy the simplest exercise and enjoy the fact that you’re making the right decisions for yourself.

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