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About Nial Fullers Forex Trading Community

Nial Fuller is an experienced price action trader and Forex trading mentor who has helped over 5,000 traders learn to trade with simple yet effective price action based strategies. Offering aspiring traders not only an educational course but also a community to convene with other price action focused traders; Nial has one of the most comprehensive yet concise Forex trading training communities on the internet. Here’s some information on what you can expect when you become a member:

Professional Forex Price Action Trading Training Course:

Forex and Price Action Trading Introduction – You will learn what the Forex market is and what price action is in the introduction section of Nial Fuller’s Forex trading course. This section is a good tutorial for newbie’s and good refresher for more experience traders. This first part of the course lays the groundwork for the concepts that follow.

What are Forex Signals & How They Works? The forex kings are guiding people and traders about the meaning of signal and working. Learning concepts is essential to have a pleasant experience. A professional course will provide the best results to the traders.

Core Price Action Trading Strategies – The next section of Nial’s trading training course contains the “core” trading strategies he uses. You will learn the exact same price action Forex trading strategies that Nial has used, and still uses, successfully in the markets. Everything progresses in a linear and logical flow so even a complete beginner will not be lost. You will have a very powerful price action trading strategy under your belt after completion of this second section of the course.

Proprietary Strategies – Nial Fuller has proprietary price action trading strategies that are not taught similarly elsewhere. In the third part of his trading training course, you will discover one of these proprietary strategies and see why it is so powerful.

Developing Forex Trading Plans – Every trader needs a trading plan if they want to make a serious run at becoming successful in the markets. The fourth part of Nial Fuller’s Forex trading course discusses trading plans and what they should include in regards to Nial’s price action trading strategies.

Forex Price Action Trading Education Videos:

Effective Forex video training – In Nial Fuller’s members’ videos, you can expect to get in-depth analysis and explanation of the various price action trading strategies he teaches, and more. The videos cover many different topics and you will discover that they are an excellent addition to the text and images of the course.

Forex Price Action Trading Education Articles:

Effective Forex trading lessons – You will find a broad range of price action and Forex trading topics in Nial’s members’ articles. New lessons are added approximately every two weeks. You will get articles discussing various nuances of Nial’s price action setups as well as articles on psychology and money management, all at no extra charge.

Members’ Forex Market Commentary and Price Chart Analysis:

Analysis of the major FX pairs – In Nial Fuller’s daily members’ commentary, you will get analysis each day of at least five of the major FX pairs, as well as gold and silver. The commentary includes analysis of important levels in the markets, trend analysis, price action analysis and more.

Another learning tool – Nial’s daily market commentary provides yet one more way for you to learn the course concepts. The daily commentary will help you make sense of the concepts in the course and it will be a sort of “guide” for you each day as you analyze and trade the markets.

Learn from current market conditions – The daily commentary allows traders to learn how the course concepts apply to “today’s” market conditions, not a back-tested set of data. This is one of the most valuable pieces of Nial Fuller’s price action trading training program.

Members’ Forex Price Action Trading Discussion Forum:

Focused and relevant discussion – You will not find mass confusion or haphazard threads in Nial Fuller’s members’ discussion forum. The forum is focused on the concepts taught in the course, so you won’t have to dig through hundreds of irrelevant posts to find what you are looking for, like you do in most public forums.

Learn from other traders – Learning from other more experienced people in your field is truly the best way to learn anything. Nial Fuller and other experienced traders are willing to help you in the forum, this adds yet one more medium of learning that will help to further reinforce the course concepts and show you how to apply them to current market situations.

An Emphasis on Member Support:

Ask Nial – Nial actually answers emails. Many, if not most other trading education products or trading systems simply do not offer any kind of customer support, let alone support from their designer. It is very apparent that Nial Fuller cares about his students through his attentiveness to answer email inquiries.

You’re not left in the cold – If you have any problems with the course materials, or you don’t understand something, you can simply email Nial for clarification. He will respond within 24hrs. What an excellent feature this is.

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