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Braun Series Mens Shaver

The Braun Series Men’s Shaver in series 3 340 will be able to give you the shave that you need. It can tackle long hair or stubble with its razor that has twin foils. The pattern of these foils will be able to remove hair growing in any direction which will make shaving efficient. You only need to put it under running water to have it cleaned, this mechanism is quite similar to epilierer giving you a great shaving experience.

Braun Men’s Shaver Review:

This electric shaver received an average customer rating of 3.4 out of 5 by the less than 100 people who reviewed it. Read on to learn about what customers thought about this product.

Customers liked it for a variety of reasons. One customer felt that this was good on the hand as it was easy to hold and had a good grip. You’ll also be secured with the grip which your hand will be able to hold securely even when wet. He also liked that this could be changed quickly if he needed a quick shave and was happy that the razor indicated whether it was in need of a charge or not. This reviewer also found that this required low maintenance. He was overall very satisfied with the performance of this shaver since it provided him a smooth clean cut. He also noticed that he did not have any problems with rashes. It was even able to remove hair around his neck which he always had difficulty with. Another customer liked the company and recommended this product.

There were some customers who thought that this electric shaver had some low points. One of the major complaints against this product is that it takes the customers a long time to shave than with their other branded razors. It does not cut close enough and it is time-consuming since they have to keep repeating their strokes. One reviewer even stated that the shave pulled on his hair and skin. Another consumer had a problem with the unit since it did not turn off; it started acting up after the warranty. Yet another claimed that after he started using it, he started developing ingrown hairs. The company returned the product but this reviewer soon found out that it had another problem. Many dissatisfied customers did not recommend this product because they claimed that it was not worth the money since it did not provide a close shave and that it was made out of poor quality.

Based on the average customer rating and the reviews, we believe that this product may not fully reach your expectations of providing a close shave or giving you the quality that you are looking for. It seems that the reviews are on opposite ends of the spectrum that there is a large chance that this may not give customers their money’s worth. There are other shavers for men that are out that have better reviews and higher average customer ratings. We believe that you should look closely at these things before purchasing.

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