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Controlling Insulin Get In The Drivers Seat Of Your Weight Loss Goals

Hormones control almost every function of your body, but when it comes to weight loss, the effects of one hormone exceed the importance of all others – Insulin. Insulin is the major control point of your blood glucose levels and is out on a mission to reduce your blood glucose levels as soon as your body detects it has gone over the normal blood glucose threshold.

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What Insulin does is shunt excess Glucose to storage. What is it stored as? You guessed it, FAT! Most of the fat produced by insulin release goes to your abdomen, thighs and buttocks, adding insult to injury. Therefore, one can immediately see that controlling insulin puts you in the driving seat of your goals, allowing you to freely pick and choose where you want to go.

What’s more is that if you continuously binge on foods like chocolate, non diet sodas and the like – your cells become less responsive to Insulin, causing a MASSIVE SURGE of Insulin the next time you put anything sugary in your mouth. This probably hinders weight loss more than ANYTHING ELSE. You can’t afford to get even mild hyperinsulinism, as it will totally wreak havoc on your system making fat loss close to impossible no matter how hard you exercise or diet.

How can one control Insulin? Well, Insulin acts upon glucose. The simplest solution is to consume foods which have a low glycemic index. This includes basically all fruits (non processed!) which release glucose slowly, as opposed to giving your blood an ultra dose of glucose in a couple of minutes like a soda would do. Another way of controlling insulin is to ingest about two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) after eating something sugary.

The exact mechanism as to why or how this works is unknown, but research suggests that it decreases the insulin response, ridding you of excess fat storage, giving you the lean body you’ve always desired.

If you always want to have the bull by the horns when it comes to your body fat levels, Insulin levels are VITAL. Control this – and you control the beast. Never be disappointed when stepping on the scales again!

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