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Do You Like Your Kids – Know about it 

It’s a sad fact of today’s lifestyle – not only are too many adults obese, but far too many children are overweight as well. If you are one of those parents that’s worried that the diet and lifestyle choices you make might be hurting your kids too, then I am here to help. Let me show you how my system can help improve the health of your whole family!

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In North America, the rate of obesity is way too high. It’s amazing what a person will do to their own body. Worst of all, when you see obese parents, there’s a good chance that their kids are overweight as well.

Do you think genetics plays a role in that situation? Yes it does, but it’s a small role; genetics are only 10% of the factor. What about the other 90%? It’s partly bad food choices, an unhealthy lifestyle, too much saturated fat in the diets – the list goes on and on. The lack of exercise is another important factor; but even when people do exercise they don’t always choose the right ones for the most effective weight loss.

So what can I do to help you, and to help your kids as well? First you need to change the way you choose your food and start to make better choices. Remember you are a role model for your kids, and they copy what you do. If every time you feel bored or angry you grab a bag of chips or eat the entire box of cookies, what example are you showing your kids? You need to start making some changes to be able to improve your health, and the health of your whole family.

What’s the first step? Clean out your kitchen! Get rid of all your junk food. Don’t tell me you keep it ‘just in case’ someone comes to visit and you want to offer them a snack. With so many years in the field of fitness and nutrition I know what will happen – if you keep junk food in your home, even with all the will power in the world you will end up eating all that junk food one day and sabotaging all the good work you’ve done.

That’s why in my E-Book “The Ultimate Guide to Express Fat Loss” I go through all the steps you need to do to have the best chance for success. If you start to make better choices for yourself, your whole family will start to eat better. And what happens when you eat better? You know the answer – you have more energy, think more clearly, perform better, and accomplish more.

With the entire system of The Express Fat Loss program you will get different meal plans to help you and your family get a healthy lifestyle. If you are overweight, and your kids are overweight as well, it’s time to take action for your kids. The Express Fat Loss System isn’t just about food – you will get a full program designed with workout, pictures and descriptions for the perfect exercises to burn more calories.

The entire Express Fat Loss System is only $39.95. This is about the same as the price of 2 large pizzas and some pop for a family of 4. Are your pizzas guaranteed? What happened if your pizza wasn’t good? You’re stuck with it. I’m so confident in my Express Fat Loss System that I give you 60 days to try it and start losing weight. If you are not satisfied during the 60 day trial period, you just send me an email and I will refund your $39.95 in full. This is guaranteed, my friend! You have nothing to lose beside some stubborn fat!

Now you ask yourself, what I will do with the e-book and meal plan and all the other bonus offers when I buy the Express Fat Loss System? Well, YOU KEEP IT! Yes it’s true. I will give you the whole system as a ‘thank you’ just for trying it!

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