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Hockey- An Underrated Sport that Deserves Better Mention

When it comes to talent, we have it in huge abundance all over the world as there is no dearth to that particular thing and it shouldn’t be ever as now even though we have talent in abundance, only a few fortunate ones are there that are provided a platform to do so.

This happens in every field whether it is entertainment or medicine and many others where one has to prove his or her mettle but one field that is quite neglected is sports aside from the many games that are involved in it where the most popular ones are baseball and soccer in North America and cricket in Asia, Europe and Australia where the latter wins by a huge margin in the popularity race due to divers population in the 3 continents.

Again, as mentioned above, there are certain sports that deserve to be better known but are grossly underrated like hockey where you have 12 players going after the ball on a field that is quite different from the ones you see in baseball and cricket, where certain rules would sound similar to people familiar with the latter two sports.


Before getting into the discussion, let us take a little while to understand hockey as a sport so that people gain more knowledge about this sport and join the team in making it a global campaign in giving hockey the platform that it truly deserves rather than just a national sport.

This sport is an entertaining one where two different teams are pitted against each other where they have to maneuver the ball amongst their team players and score the goal by hitting in the opponent team’s goalpost.

Although field hockey has been immensely popular in US, Canada, Eastern Europe and Australia, it has been mostly seen as casual sport without any scope for its players in the long run but that isn’t the case, which is why this article is necessary to open many eyes.

Hockey is believed to have originated in the late 18th century with the first match being played around 1773 and lasted for 3 days or so what history tells us but now we are in 2020 that has brought a huge difference with social media platforms inspiring new aspirants into taking it up as their career.

Goal Scoring

There are many beginners in this field right from the early days and they aren’t interested in knowing how long are hockey games but the nuances of scoring goals in a fitting manner.

The best way is to keep your eyes on the ball without losing focus on the opponent team’s players and keep them at arm’s length so that they don’t get too close to the ball.

Never stray too far away from the crease and remain within the boundaries so that the players get confused in knowing about the next plan of action and become temporarily sidetracked.

While aiming, make sure that there is no player nearby and simply pass the ball to your teammate so that he can do the honors.

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