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Rise Of Kingdoms Civilizations


One of the strongest kingdoms in the game Rise of Kingdoms is Germany. The starting commander in this kingdom is called Hermann. One of the best things about Germany is that it has the unique cavalry unit Teutonic Knight. It also has a faster troop training speed and it can quickly act towards recovery. This will allow you to attack opponents more often. For some players, getting started in Rise of Kingdom will be easier if you choose Germany as your kingdom. It is considered as on of the strongest civilizations in the game.


Rome is another strong civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. The aspect that Rome is very focused on iis speed. It’s starting commander is called Scipio Africanus while Legion is the unique unit in the Kingdom. One thing that is very prevalent in the Kingdom of Rome is its increased infantry defense. This can be very useful in order to defeat opponents and to easily grow your town. Since speed is something that this game is very focused on, it will be an advantage for you to increase your troop march speed and faster attacks. 


The starting commander of Britain is Boudica while the unique unit is known as Longbowman. While Britain may not be as impressive as other Kingdoms in the game, this kingdom is considered as a support role. One of the reasons why Britain is considered as the weakest civilization in the game is because of the lack of any bonuses and significant perks. The kingdom has 10% ally garrison capacity, 5% increase in archer attach and wood gathering speed increase by 5%. So if you think you are more on a support player in the game, then Britain is the best option for you. 


Joan of Arc is the starting commander of the kingdom of France and she specializes in gathering resources. France is considered as the most resourceful kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms, Throwing Axeman is the unique unit of the kingdom. While the person of France is not that overwhelming compared to other kingdoms, there is something that France is very proud of. This is their emphasis on resource gathering. The vital stats of France include troops health increases 2%, hospital healing speed increases 10% and stone gathering speed increases 10%. France may not be a very strong kingdom but it has great support to other nations.


Another kingdom in the game is China and it is also considered as one of the favorites of users when they are just getting started in the game. The unique unit of Chia is the archer type Chu-Ko-Nu. One of the best things about this kingdom is its strong defense that will be very helpful in protecting your resources. So if you want a kingdom that has strong defense against enemies, China may be one of the best options to consider. It has 2% of troops defense and 10% increases in resources production speed. 


Spain is another interesting kingdom in the game. Its main focus I the cavalry unites. Pelaguis is the starting commander of the kingdom and its unique unit is Conquistador which is considered as an effective cavalry unit. This civilization is considered as one of the best kingdoms to consider during your start up in the game. Some of the vital stats of this kingdom include cavalry defense increases 5%, troop load increases 10% and gold gathering speed increases 10 %

Overall, before you choose the right kingdom for you, make sure to consider a lot of factors including their vital stats, For more information, you may visit riseofkingdoms.guide

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