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The Most Effective Yoga Moves To Burn Unyielding Fat

To lose weight, you need a mix both a proper diet and regular exercise. A food diet could be anything that you think you can manage and aim a calorie deficit. Once you manage to get your diet right, then it boils down to how you exercise to achieve that goal of calorie deficit. People who have not been physically active, the idea of working out daily, and toiling hard in the gym scares them. That is where the catch lies. No matter how adamant and unyielding fat you are dealing with; It is undoubtedly not necessary to lift heavyweights in the gym and do long hours of cardio. Many pieces of research show that you can lose weight by following a simple yoga routine. 

Your fitness regimen doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. If it is painful, you cannot do it for a longer period. It is not sustainable.  So, the answer to the question can you lose weight doing yoga is definitely yes. Provided you do it effectively and sustainably. The following moves will certainly help you achieve your fitness goal. 

Downward Dog Move 

It is a very effective move. When it is mixed with a proper breathing exercise, it becomes even more effective. The movement works your legs, arms, and shoulders. Start with keeping your palms and knees on the floor then, while your hands on the deck straighten up hips towards the ceiling and push your butt upwards as much as you can. Keep your nasal breathing going. Continually inhale and exhale as you make this move. 

Chair Pose 

The chair pose can wonders for you if you do it regularly. It is a rather easy exercise, but you master it. You can make it a little harder. The pose helps you burn fat on your thighs, hips, and arms. Start with straightening your hands up towards the ceiling. Your triceps should be beside your ears.  Stand up and make sure there is a proper gap in between your legs. The legs should not be too wide but not too close either. Now bend your knees while keeping your stable. Exhale as you bend and inhale while standing up.  If you make this move regularly, you will not have to ask can you lose weight doing yoga; the answer will be visible to you. 

The Warrior move

Another very effective move, which can help burn even the most adamant fat on your arms and back. To make this move, you have to make a downward dog pose. Now while keeping a foot forward, straighten your hands. You will be more or less lunge position. Now, turn your opposite heel up and try lifting into a lunge, most preferably a high thrust. Do this with both legs. Interchange every time. This move works your abs, arms, chest, and back. 

If you observe, all the moves mentioned here are very comprehensive. They always work two or more parts of the body. All these moves are pain-free and easy to do. You can master them with very little effort. 

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