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Top 3 Minecraft Mods

Is your normal gameplay of Minecraft getting boring? Well do not worry like most popular PC games there is a modding community to make Minecraft even more addicting then it already is. I will start today with the top 3 Mods I recommend and this mc alt shop. I would like to note each person’s top 3 mods may differ from the ones I choose and would like to say this is just my opinion.

The first one on my list is the mod “TooManyItems in-game invedit”. What this mod basically allows you to do is spawn items to your inventory so you can make fancy houses and places with little to no time gathering resources. This mod is really good if you do videos on other mods that require you to make a ton of items in order to get to the final product such as the plane mod. The reason why I personally like this mod is for making custom maps for people to play, which can take a lot of supplies, and time to do.

The next mod on my list is the mod called “MineColony”. This mod is good for if you feel the need for NPC people to gather resources for you. This mod contains a miner, lumberjack, and farmer NPC. I think I am missing one NPC but I can not remember the name. But if I remember correctly he delivered things. The main reason why I like this is that if you use a golden scepter on the box used to spawn the NPC it creates a hut or house for them. , you could use it too if you wish to as well.

The final mod I would like to talk about is the “Mo’ Creatures mod”. Like the name suggests it allows you to have more creatures in the game both hostile and friendly. , it adds a form of transportation which is the horses. The reason why I chose this mod as my favorite was because of the horse breeding system and the variants of horses they have in the mod. Another good feature is the variety of new enemies they also have added. If you are looking for a mod with a good transport system, and a good amount of new monsters to watch out for then I suggest you check this mod out.

I would like to point out that you should make a back up of your saves before using mods as they could potentially affect your game in a negative way for a variety of reasons. , I would like to point out this Top 3 Mods for Minecraft article is my opinion and your opinion may differ from my own. I hoped you enjoyed my reading my article and have a nice day.

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