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Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

We have put together a handy guide for those of you who are new users or would like to know a bit more about electronic cigarettes and having difficulty in understanding the technical terms often used for electronic cigarettes and their components.

Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are sold in many shapes and forms that make it even more difficult for a newbie to fully understand how they work and specially when they are making their first purchase of an electronic cigarette. Using this guide you will be able to fully understand the various types of eCigs or electronic cigarettes that are on the market.

Jargon Buster


The unit inside an ecig that holds the burning coil.


A unit with an atomizer and mesh inside to hold the liquid.


These are like cartomizers but use wicks and clear tanks; hence the term clearomizer.

Carto Tank:

A tank that holds a cartomizer with punched holes to supply liquid from tank to the atomizer.

Kanthal Wire:

Resistance wire used for building genesis atomizer coils.

Nichrome Wire:

Commonly used for building coils in all atomizers.


Short name for atomizer.

Genesis Atomizers:

Atomizers that use some kind of steel or ceramic mesh to wick the atomizer coils.

Variable Voltage Batteries:

Batteries with controls for regulating current.

Disposable or One-piece Electronic Cigarettes

These are ideal for for those starting out, however these are basic devices and regularly buying these as a replacement for a tobacco cigarette is not so economical. Disposable e-cigarettes come in a single unit with a built-in battery and liquid cartridge and commonly made to resemble a tobacco cigarette, whereas some models even come with rechargeable batteries.

2-piece Ecigarettes

These devices come with two main components with one being the rechargeable battery unit and the second being the cartomizer or atomizer that hold the nicotine liquid. These are also great as a starter kit as these devices are pretty small and handy to be carried around with ease. Another great advantage is that you can switch flavours by having multiple cartomizer or atomizers. These are the most economical type of ecigarettes that offer both; great value for money and also very cheap and economical to refill in the long run.

Difference between devices with tanks vs devices with cartomizers

Often you will find the two piece devices are either sold with cartomizer or clearomizer (tank shape) units. The fun experience of vaping increases 10 times when the vape holds some kind of flovor. Nasty Juice E-Liquid is best selling international brand from malasiya that offeres vapes highly flavored by the scents of fruits making consumer to get lost in the rich aromas and flavors of distinct fruits. The fundamental function of both the types is exactly the same – to burn the liquid and deliver the flavour and nicotine to the user. However, it is commonly agreed that the devices that come with silica wick tanks such as the eGo CE or Vivi Nova type clearomizers deliver the most flavour when compared to a cartomizer such as the Boge or Smoktech cartomizers.

Direct Dripping Atomizers

Direct dripping simply means burning your liquid directly on to the atomizer coils. These are cartomizers without the mesh inside that holds the liquid. Some of these are even custom built for the purpose of direct dripping

Advanced Electronic Cigarettes

When it comes to advanced electronic devices the possibilities are endless. A huge number of vendors are selling their own version of device – claiming they deliver the best experience. These devices vary a great deal in their technical specifications.


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