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cheap instagram followers are easy to find online over the websites that sell followers. These followers act as an audience that are necessary for your product and service promotion. To execute a successful social media campaign it is imperative that you broadcast your message to the right audience, engage them in a meaningful exchange and then provide enough value to translate that interaction into measurable business.

Social Media Builders, Inc. can help your organization build the online assets to convey your message, define a social media strategy and manage your campaign effectively. We can work seamlessly with your in-house team or craft a complete social media presence and strategy to help you reach your goals.

Profile Setup + Integration

We begin with a review of your current social media assets to determine the social footprint of your organization. Once the assessment is complete, we fill in the gaps by creating additional social profiles, both individual and corporate. The total of your social assets are then integrated together along with your corporate blog and website to create a complete social media framework.

Some of the more popular social platforms include Facebook for both individual profiles and corporate Fan Pages, Twitter to broadcast some of the highlights of your workstream from the key individuals in your organization, Flickr for management of your images and photos, and YouTube to host the video media that you have created as marketing collateral.

Once the social assets have been created, tested and outfitted with custom layouts, designs and key applications we begin the effort to integrate all of these online hubs into a efficient flow for information. We do this by cross-linking the various profiles, setting publishing permissions from one platform to another and finally implementing the use of desktop applications to help you manage the conversations and effectively communicate with your fans and followers more easily.

Companies that need this: This service is geared towards two types of clients. The first is the individual or organization that has dabbled in social media but has not been able to devote the full attention that it requires to create a viable social media strategy. The second is the beginner, an individual or organization that has finally committed to developing a social media strategy for their business that has yet to even create a single profile on any platform.

Social Media Builders, Inc. also provides a redesign service for any of the social assets that you

may already have setup. Most common redesigns focus on the Facebook Fan Page, Twitter background, corporate website elements or the corporate blog. Our redesign efforts will produce a more effective social media experience for both you and your audience. We seek to become a natural extension to your organization that compliments your overall marketing strategy. We are happy to provide a custom quote for your project.

Social Media Consulting Social Media Builders, Inc. provides solutions that can help your organization whether you are just getting started with social media and need to craft a complete strategy or if you are seeking to identify methods to increase the effectiveness of an active campaign. Our discovery process explores the various uses of your social assets, the potential tactics to utilize those assets and will ultimately allow us to collectively draft a sustainable social media strategy that meets your corporate objectives.

If your organization is just getting started in social media, it is imperative that you create a relevant, well structured social media strategy. The Social Media Builders team can help you navigate the process of creating your strategy and provide guidance relating to the various social platforms and an assessment of the strategic initiatives of your key competitors. Our experience will help you craft a sound strategy that defines the specific measurable goals for the campaign and the various tactics to reach those goals. Once your strategy is well polished and you are ready to launch your social media campaign, we can help you with an ongoing advisory effort or you can choose to have us manage the entire campaign for you.

Social Media Builders, Inc. can assist you with a thorough review of any existing social media strategies. A review often reveals new technologies that can be utilized to create new efficiencies or an opportunity to implement a new profile to expand the reach of your brand message. Our team will guide you through each step to arrive at a more efficient and effective social media strategy. Social Media Builders, Inc. will also continue to provide ongoing guidance for organizations that would like the continued support.

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