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Top Mistakes To Avoid When Using Linkedin

Having a LinkedIn profile is considered good if you know the correct way of using it. Make sure that it does your job! To ensure that you derive all the benefits of LinkedIn, it’s important to avoid few mistakes so that it doesn’t hurt your reputation and credibility.

  • Bad display picture

Your profile picture is something that will help you gain followers. Well! It doesn’t mean that you need to look like a model. It simply means that you need to add a professional picture so that people can recognize you. Bad photos can turn off visitors.

  • Bad headline

The space just below your name is one of the critical things that determine your reputation. Use a powerful headline that resonates with your brand.

  • No summary

Adding a short yet crisp summary gives a weightage to your brand. Do not leave it blank. You have 120 characters to complete the summary. So make sure that you make every character count.

  • Career history

It’s wrong to think that your job titles or past employees will give information about you to your audiences. Hence, be specific. Mention everything about your career like your achievements in each of the roles that you’ve played in the past jobs.

  • Get recommendations

Another mistake that you need to avoid is getting recommendation from your co-workers and peers. Not necessary that you can get recommended only by your boss. Ask your friends or co-workers to give recommendations. Another easy way to get them is by leaving recommendations for others you know.

  • No skills

Basically, your LinkedIn profile is all about your skills, achievements, and relevant things. So there’s a complete section where you need to mention your skills. Also, make sure you use industrial terms only.

  • No activities

Stay active. Having a profile doesn’t make any sense if you don’t remain active there. Share your thoughts or things relevant to your business. Your activities portray the kind of things you read, follow, and care about.

  • Talk about your accomplishments

Though this point is quite similar to point number 4, one need to understand that audiences will look for what achievements you have made in the past jobs. The inquiring minds are in search for people who have accomplished great challenges in life.

These are some of the top mistakes that you should always avoid while using LinkedIn. When you use it correctly, you not only enjoy the benefits but also get more and more followers. If you want to enhance visibility and generate lead, the best idea to buy LinkedIn company followers, likes, and connections to get more audiences. Manage your profile, keep it up-to-date, keep track of the people who are viewing your profile, and respond to personal messages. You can also send connection requests to others belonging from the same industry. These are some of the best practices that you can maintain to get the best out of your LinkedIn profile.

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