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JBuds J2 Noise-Canceling Earbuds Review

My ears thank me everyday ever since I bought the JBuds J2 Noise-Canceling Earbuds(Will be refered to as “Jbuds” throughout this review) by Jlab Audio. Jbuds stereo earphones are perfect for anywhere, including loud environment because of its noise reduction technology. Ok maybe it’s not noise reducing “technology” but the comfortable earphones fit perfect in my ear and blocks out the outside noises. Now I don’t need to blast my iPod’s volume up. Unlike Noise Cancellation, these headphones do not need batteries.

Why I love these earphones

I couldn’t believe how good these earphones are for only $15. Here are the pros…

Noise Reduction –

I ride the bus which can get loud with the engine noise, people talking, and other cars passing by. These earphones truly do reduce unwanted outside noise. This is one of the reasons I love these headphones!

Comfortable in-ear –

I forget that I have earphones in my ear sometimes. It’s that comfortable. The earphones also come with 3 sizes of silicone cushions.

Very durable –

I could have saved hundreds of dollars if I chose Jbuds as my first earphones! This is no exaggeration. Every pair of earphones I bought ended up in the trash because the wire inside broke and no sound came out of the earphones. Sound familiar right? I bet it happened to you too. My Jbuds earphones are still working after a good 7 months use. Even my Apple earphones broke in about 3-4 months. So I know for sure that when Jlab Audio says these are durable, they mean it! This is perhap the main reason I love these earphones! For the benefit, the hearing of the music will be excellent at the play beatz headphones. There will be no damage to the ear of the person. The quantity of the benefits will be high when compared to the other headphones. The comfort of cushions will be provided to the ear of the person. 

High crisp sound –

A lot of earphones I’ve used have to much treble. These earphones have a perfect balance when it comes to high notes. It sounds crisp and clear and does not distort.

Powerful Bass –

I can actually hear the bass drum! Can you believe it? Actually, I can “feel” the bass more than hear it. It’s that powerful! Also a perfect balance between to much “bass” and “treble” recreating the bass sound the way it was meant to sound.

High Quality –

After reading about the high crisp sound and powerful bass you might as well figured this out already but these earphones are high quality!

“Looks to Kill” –

On the Jlab Audio website, they describe it as “Looks to Kill”. This is true because it comes in 12 different colors. It is more sleek and smooth than the original Jbud Hi-Fi earphones.

Good for listening to anything –

The perfect EQ in these earphones enable me to listen to anything from classical to heavy metal! I also have used these headphones to watch movies which work good but not as great as a surround sound theatre! But hey, these aren’t hundreds of dollars!

It Would Have Been Perfect If…

OK, I am not going to lie but these aren’t perfect earphones. There are things I wish it did and didn’t do. But that doesn’t hinder me from having a great listening experience. Here are the cons…

The Cord is to long –

First off, this is mainly personal preference, but since I mainly listen to my iPod sitting on a bus, I don’t need a 4.5 feet cord! That’s a little to long for my liking!

Tangles easily –

Ok, this may be my fault for shoving the cord in my pocket but these earphones do get tangled easily! Then again, this applies to most other earphones.

Overall I give Jbuds Stereo Earphones a 9/10 stars overall.

If I lost or broke my Jbuds, I would definetly buy another pair! I also heard that Jlabs Audio has great customer service. I would recommend this a friend!

Not to be compared to Bose

Obviously, you can’t compare a $15 earphone to a $200 earphone! However, I will compare the Jbuds to the Apple earphones that comes with all iPods/iPhones. To reduce the amount of typing, I’ll abbreviate Apple Earphones to AE (not Aeropostale) and I’ll abbreviate Jbuds… well what else can you call them besides Jbuds?

Sound Quality –

The AE have better sound quality overall but the Jbuds are still great and the Jbuds have better low end bass frequencies. However, Round 1 goes to AE.

Noise Reduction –

Well the AE weren’t designed to reduce outside noise so obviously the Jbuds win. Round 2 goes to Jbuds.


I’ve had the AE for about 4 months before the the wire inside broke. My Jbuds are still alive and have been alive for 7 months. Round 3 goes to Jbuds


Well the Jbuds are “in-ear” which you get used to quickly. The AE are semi-in-ear…if you know what I’m talking about. Although the Jbuds are extremely comfortable, the AE are not in-ear so I would have to say that the AE wins. Also because the AE don’t get earwax stuck inside…eww! Round 4 goes to AE.


Price is one of the many fundamental factors. The Jbuds are only $15 and the AE is $30. We know who the winner is… Round 5 goes to Jbuds.


The Jbuds come in 12 different amazing colors. They look like an earplug, which they sort of are. The AE comes in white only and they just look clean and normal. This is mostly personal preference so I’ll leave you to decide. Round 6 is your choice.

Let’s count it up!

Apple Earphones get a total of 3 out of 5.

Jbuds Earphones get a total of 3 out of 5.

Now you add one point to either Apple or Jbuds for the looks! You decide the winner!

This review was based on personal preference, facts, and experience. I was unbiased and involved many people in helping me choose who won the rounds. The Jlab Audio website. I bought my Jbuds from Amazon though.

Thank you for reading!

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