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Meraki Networks Introduce New Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi computing is growing. Consumers are tired of being connected to one spot. The evolution of Wi-Fi technology has allowed consumers to travel knowing that they will have internet access wherever they go. This was important to the evolution of the computer. We are becoming a society that is becoming more and more dependent on things we use the computer for. Wi-Fi provides us with our favorite service on the go. The only issue has been paying for something many of feel should be free. That time is quickly approaching.

Many users are tapping into neighboring Wi-Fi connections on a daily basis. This is because many people tend to leave their internet connections open for others to use. The concept is a worrying one, because many people are opting to not pay for Wi-Fi service. They are choosing to leach off those who do pay for the service. Marki Networks is hoping to make the first move towards a Wi-Fi revolution.

All you need to do is purchase a simple $50 box. Your purchase will net you a wireless router produced by Meraki Networks. The router will allow a city block, or even a small village, share the same Internet connection. Your wireless router allows you the ability to create a Wi-Fi network around a wired Internet connection. Buy another router and enhance the radius of the wireless signal.

The technology has been made so that two routers can be place within a 150 foot radius of each other. Each router will work together to pick up and amplify the wireless signal. This creates a seamless network that spans almost double that of your original area covered. A device like this allows it to be easier to allow someone to tap into your connection, without slowing down your own service. Basically, one person could run the entire city if they wanted to, possibly ending paying for internet access forever. With checking of the superboost wifi review, the installing of the connection will be excellent for the person. There will be less use of electricity and radius of the wifi will be great for the home. The signal will be in the encrypted form that will be secure and safety will be provided to the internet connection. 

You can even purchase the equipment with a group of friends. A more expensive model will allow you to control all the access, charging anyone who wants to access your connection. The whole concept is the brain child of Meraki Networks, with the backing of Google Inc. Google has taken advantage of the new technology. The smart software will include advertisements for the Google brand. This will allow both companies to establish a further reach on the market.

The future in Wi-Fi connection is here. There has been an enormous fight to stop the implementation of this technology. Experts feel that this is the revolution towards consumers eventually reaching their goal of a free internet connection. Meraki Networks is slowly releasing the equipment, with much of it being released world wide by Christmas.

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