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7 Day Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Challenge – Day One

As we mentioned in 7 Day Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Challenge – Preparation Our mindset is the most important ingredient to this 7 day lifestyle change that will lead us to lose a few pounds but more importantly begin to Eat Healthy To Lose Weight. If you have a positive attitude and believe you can as you encounter obstacles you will overcome. Know that you can count on your buddies to encourage you and with a little prayer you will make it through.

So as we prepare for the “7 Day Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Challenge” remember these seven steps:

Pray, Meditate and establish your goal; Journal; Shop; Buddy Up; Know Yourself and Be Honest To Yourself; Praise Yourself; This is a Lifestyle Change. The benefits are much greater than the work it takes and it gets easier with time.

So on Day One you should pray for success and perserverance; prepared your journal and now begin by your morning weigh in and as you eat list what you eat each of your six meals. If you post the meals I can comment on them if you like I can analyze them for nutritional value and content. To do this You can send me a private email with your sex, age, height & weight and your long term weight loss goals.

I use a tool to do this called the Nutrition Generator. This is a great toll for losing weight by eating your favorite foods. The Tool analyzes your meal for vitamin, mineral and calorie content. We are successful when we eat what we want and learn how to make our meals healthy and well balance.

The tool also counts calories for you as well. There have been many new Diets on the market. Many promote this drink or that supplement but be sure that the only true way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you eat. Burning the calories can come from increasing your metabolism, consuming food and drinks that your body will not retain and exercise. This week we will work on all three.

The Nutrition Generator assists you in Eating Healthy For Weight Loss and helps you meet your Weight Loss Goals.

The next thing we want to stress is that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. As we mentioned before you can choose how to get your eight glasses in. It can be plain water, lemon and water, herbal tea, etc.

Our focus this week is fresh fruit and raw vegetables. We want to also pay special attention to high fiber fruit and vegetables (ruffage). These are the natural foods to cleanse and detox your body. Include the best fat burner and make your work a bit easy.

You can also consider a supplement to detox or cleanse your colon. A natural way to do this is to bath your colon in Sea Salt Water. Drink one quart of warm water with two teaspoons of sea salt. Within an hour or two it will take its effects. The “bathe” will begin the cleanse and fresh fruit and raw vegetable will keep you clean.


People also have fatigue due to extra work load, tension, stress, and mental problems. A depressed person cannot keep their body healthy. A stressed person won’t feel like getting up and working out and many people have the habit of stress eating which leads to overeating.

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