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7 Tips Every First Time Grower Needs To Know

Tip #1 – Research, Research, Research

Don’t jump right into growing without doing your homework. You can lose a lot of money that way. There are so many things to take in to consideration when you first begin, for example what climate are you in? You may read some great information on the internet but come to find out it only applys to tropical climates, and you live in Northern Maine!! What are the flowering cycles like for each strain? You might get what you think is a great strain but come to find out it doesn’t finish flowering until after the first frost, uh-oh. Things like that can put the ka- bosh on a whole seasons worth of work. Invest your time up front.

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Tip #2 – Keep it to Yourself

We all know how proud you will be of your plants, especially if they come out to be boomers! However this is one of those instances in life where you need to suck up your desire to boast and bite your lip. This is important because your plants could get stolen or worse you could get busted, not good. You NEVER know who you can trust when dealing with green gold.

Tip #3 – Choose Your Spot Wisely

This is the first part of the actual work. Use tools like topo maps and Google earth to scout out your potential grow spots at first. Things to consider; available water, available light ( all season), accessibility (for you and potential thieves).

Tip #4 – Do Not Over Water Your Plants!

This is the most common error new growers have. Drowning plant roots can destroy them and its not allways apparent right off, sometimes rotting the roots over the course of a season, PAY ATTENTION.

Tip #5 – Do Not Overfeed Your Plants!

This is also a very common mistake and can cause a host of trouble for growing plants. Allow your plants to “harden” fully before hitting them full force with nutrients.

Tip #6 – Conceal Your Identity

Overplan every trip out to your grow spots. Do everything you can think of to conceal your identity, you never know where a camera might be or an unseen pair of eyes.. or even a camera lens!

Tip #7 – Don’t Harvest Too Early

You WILL be excited to see budding plants and more than that you will be anxious to get those buggers out of the ground, be patient. You have waited this long, wait until at least half of the pistils have turned brown and you should be ok. You can probably “top” the big colas and let the lower buds mature for another few weeks if needed.

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