The Evоlutiоn Оf Сhiсаgо Trаvel Blоg

April 14, 2021

Best knоwn аs the “Windy Сity” beсаuse the роlitiсiаns blоw hоt аir, Сhiсаgо is оne оf my fаvоrite сities in...


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Diamond liquidation in India

Diamond liquidation in India

December 26, 2018


Tips For Safe Enjoyable On Line Dating

Back in the day, when you made a date, you’d known that person from school, church or through other social group with which you had first hand knowledge. You could visually observe that person’s demeanor and actions and make an intelligent decision. With young people, meeting the parents was a usual requirement. This is the old model of dating.

You can learn about the tips to find the opposite sex to have the desired results. Senior dating sites will provide the best results to the individuals. You can make the correct decision to have the perfect match. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the people.

Although people still go on dates with people they’ve actually met, they also flock to the internet dating sites, either on a whim or in a serious search for that right person with whom they’ll live happily ever after.

It’s easy to see the attractiveness of having the whole planet to look over for potential dates. On the other hand, we’ve also heard of fakes, posing as someone they really are not. The guy who says he’s 18, courting a 16-year old in a chat room, might turn out to be much older and a jerk to boot. Worse yet, predators lurk on the web, intending nothing good. So how can you delve into the internet dating scene with sufficient confidence that your knight in shining armor is as presented?

Date on-line with confidence

First, if you’re proactively looking for a date of the Prince Charming type, be especially careful of the chat rooms. Anyone can register with an alias and appear to be anyone you want them to be. Predators are known to frequent the chat room forums and their prey is not limited to young girls. Many an older woman has been scammed and financially fleeced by such characters.

Internet dating services are unlike chat rooms, in that they’re dedicated to matching people of compatible personalities and interests, who are looking for a relationship of a more substantive nature. The internet dating websites typically have any individual who wishes to register, go through a lengthy list of questions describing their tastes, likes and dislikes and so on. Email addresses must be legitimate and verifiable.

Also, once the registrant has created a profile, they are locked into it. In fact, so thorough is the questioning which results in the then public profile, it’s not very good hunting grounds for the insincere. It’s way too much trouble, requires a registration fee and matching credit card payment. It’s simply too risky and a pointless exercise for someone with less than sincere motives.

In Conclusion

If you’re considering giving the internet dating services a shot, do a little homework on the credibility and reputation of that service, before plunking down the registration fees. When you’re satisfied that your site of choice proactively screens registrants and has tracking and privacy policies sufficient to your needs, you don’t have much, besides the fee, to lose. Even should you not run across the man or woman of your dreams, you may come away with a heck of a pen pal and a lifetime friendship. Things could be worse!

Nervous About Your First Psychic Reading Visit? These Pointers Will Help Ease Out Things For You!

Whenever there is something to be done in life for the first time, there is a lot of anticipation and several thoughts that run through your head. From excitement to nervousness, the range of emotions you feel has no boundaries making you sometimes start dreading the thing no matter how much you were looking forward to it. 

While entering the unknown, the result is not always in question and the thing that worries that most are the actual entire processes we have to go through and have no experience of it. Such is the case with the psychic readings.

 Psychic readings, if you are going to have the experience for the first time, can be quite overwhelming if you do not even incline what to expect from the visit. People resort to psychic or tarot reading for various reasons, from going through problems and looking for a solution to getting advice on a particular matter to be able to eliminate the chances of risk, to find out what and how the experience is even to check if these things turn out to be the reality or not. 

The psychic reading experience

Suppose it is your first visit, then this a completely new experience that you would not have had elsewhere and is bound to make you a little uneasy if you do not know what to expect from the visit and how to make the maximum of this chance you have been given. The actual setup and the ambience can also be overwhelming sometimes and something you should be mentally prepared for.

 So, there are some points to help you prepare for it and have a successful psychic reading experience, and have something fruitful to gain. Read on to find out.

Pointers to make the maximum from your psychic reading visit

  • When you go see the physic, you need to be prepared that the psychic will not be able to answer your questions immediately and take time first to understand you.
  • There would sometimes be no direct answers to your questions, and you would have to figure things out from the clues given.
  • The psychic tells you would not be correct every single time and should only be taken as a source of guidance, and at the end of the day, the decision should be yours and should not be based on the thought that now you know your future.
  • The psychic reading would involve many personal questions, and you should be ready to answer them and that too truthfully to get accurate results.
  • If you are unaware of some things that the psychic reading involves or not sure about the advice given, ask questions to have your doubts cleared and do not stay, mum.

So, these were some points to repeat to yourself and prepare before you have your first psychic reading visit. This will eliminate your stress and help you get maximum positive results from your visit, making it a success. There are many online portals nowadays that people make use of to avail these facilities. You can go through the homepage of various websites to gather information and choose the one according to what you find appropriate.

8 Things Asked In Quiz To Find The Right Body Type Of A Person 

Every person tends to have a certain body type, so every person tends to look different. Some people are tall and thin; others are round and soft. This depends on various factors like the overall bone structure, fat storage, activity levels, genetics, etc. There are three types of general body types; endomorphs, ectomorphs, and mesomorphs. One can find what is the body type one has with what is my body type quizFew things that are considered in general terms to find the body type is: 

Wrist size

Size of the wrist and if one person can encircle their wrist with their fingers or not. In some people, one cannot touch their fingers after encircling their wrists. In others, they can touch, and in some more thin people, the fingers may get overlapped. 

Tendency to gain weight

One of the major things that control the body type is the tendency of a person to gain weight. In some people, weight tendencies are low, and thus they can eat whatever they want without much gain. Others, on the other hand, can gain weight super easily. At the same time, there is a third category where it completely depends on their daily diet and frequency of having weight gaining food. 

Fat gaining

Fast storage is one of the biggest things that decide the body type. One either store’s fat in their abdomen or their lower body like buttocks and thighs. Also, in some people, fat storage tends to be more even and balanced.


The next thing that is considered is the physique type. Some people tend to be more rectangular with wide shoulders and muscular structure, some are more rounded and soft, and others are simply long and thin in structure. Complete what is my body type quiz and get a body type idea. 

Food habits

People generally have different food habits. They either consciously or subconsciously eat a thing that affects their body weight and type. The body is largely affected by how controlled one’s diet is. This also affects the metabolism of the person. Having better metabolism means burning the calories faster and less fat storage. People with slow metabolism are more prone to gaining weight.

Body proportions

Everybody has a different body proportion. Regardless of what their weight is or how much body fat one has. Few things that can help in understanding one’s body type are fingers, wrists, and ankles. Also, one can understand the body type by how narrow or broad one’s shoulder is and if their shoulders are wider than the hips or narrower than the hips. 

Base body type

When a child is growing, they tend to have changed their height, weight, muscle mass and body fat with increasing age. Therefore, one cannot judge their current body type based on their back when they were ten years old. But, one can always judge their body type with how they use to be after reaching the teenage years or after reaching the maximum height. 

Activity level

Lastly, a person’s activity level can have a lot of impact on what one looks like. Having a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and more fat storage. Also, having a more active lifestyle can lead to better fat management, weight management, and muscle mass. 

The body type of a person necessarily does not tell about their fitness. A person can be fit and healthy and still can be on the heavier side. 

What All You Need To Know About Disposable Vaping Pens- Explained

Are you one of those heavy cannabis users who are looking forward to the convenient device? Well, you may try vaping. Though there are plenty of vaping devices, it is suggested that you pick the coolest of all — yeah, the disposable vaping pens!

Wondering why? Well, the vaping pens are one of the finest ways for one to enjoy the advantages of the Delta-8 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), as it enters the bloodstream way quicker than other ways. That very much explains the rising popularity of vaping pens among the users of cannabis.

But why go with vape pens?

  1. It is discreet. One can only slip it easily inside the pocket or bag.
  2. It is easy in terms of use. It is an elegant and sleek-looking device pre-filled with the flavoured Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol vape juice & is also pre-charged. And because it is non-rechargeable so, once you’re done, you need to dump it safely.
  3. Third, it is comparatively safer to use – given you opt decent brand.

So, without any further ado, let’s talk about the top-4 Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol vaping pens, which cannabis lovers can’t get enough of.

Top Four Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol Vape Pens

  1. Delta EFFEX 
  2. Bearly Legal
  3. Poplar Creek Farms
  4. MoonWlkr

Of all the products mentioned, 3 of them are disposable, whilst the MoonWlkr also comes in reuse.

So, let’s get to know everything about the delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol products. Continue reading this guide to know more and learn additional things.

  1. Delta EFFEX – One of the most robust one 

This is a brand that provides vaping pens in about 3 flavours- 

  1. Insane Punch Premium
  2. Watermelon Zkittlez
  3. Guava Purp.


  • It is an excellent value for money product
  • Ingredients are 100% natural
  • Complete testing via a 3rd-party laboratory
  • Each flavour is popular and has a characteristic aroma.
  1. Bearly Legal – The best in terms of quality

One of the notable & popular features of this vaping bar is its excellent puffs. You’ll produce a thick puff constantly without any interference.


  • 100% organic ingredients are used in this product
  • This again is an excellent value for your money product
  • It comes with a 1-month cash-back guarantee
  • Products are lab-tested by a 3rd-party laboratory
  1. Poplar Creek Farm – Probably the Most Natural

Unlike its competitors, this ensures that its product doesn’t contain toxic additives and fake flavours. Besides, it’s getting a lot of attention.


  • Comes in the ergonomic layout
  • Shipped across the United States
  • Have no artificial flavouring & harmful chemicals
  • Affordable and pretty effective
  1. MoonWlkr – Most Fascinating Flavors and effective

It is amongst the most popular Tetrahydrocannabinol brands of vape pens across the world. It goes on to offer both reusable and disposable pens.


  • One month of cash-back is guaranteed for unopened products.
  • Thoroughly analyzed via 3rd-party independent laboratories.
  • Manufactured via only using the organic ingredients.

There you have it. Everything you wanted to read and learn about disposable vaping pens. To know more, you may read on dallasobserver.

Bodybuilding Reps Vs Weight

Most experts say that women can not build big female biceps, and there is a grain of truth in that. Testosterone is what makes big bulky muscle men, and now most women can not increase your enormous because of the lack of testosterone, which is logical, since a male hormone.

For most women who do strength training for toning and slimming effect, this is great news. Most women can not lose unless following a very specific high-carbohydrate, high protein diet with supplements and a very tough regimen of weight lifting. Again, for most women who want to look good and unobtrusive, this is really good. However, for bodybuilders women who claim to have impressive huge biceps, it is a regrettable retail deal. Read this article if you are a female bodybuilder who wants big biceps. Women must take two obstacles the strength of biceps, literally growth, but it is possible.

The first thing that women want more women’s biceps to do is focus on the registration of agents, and add more weight to your weightlifting program. Training in the gym is certainly necessary, as opposed to physical training at home. The gym has a training team better performance grouping up rather than just push-ups and bodyweight exercises that you can not do anything before becoming toning exercises.

Instead of the series of ten or twelve repetitions the heaviest weight you can lift and make two or three types of weightlifting exercises for biceps big women, and do 3 sets of 6-8 reps of each – No more! If this is too easy, then it is time to increase the weight.

The second thing that bodybuilders have to deal with women to build biceps female winner of protein supplements is heavy. There is no way to avoid this. Protein is needed to build muscles, and women are naturally disadvantaged in the construction of female biceps due to the lack of testosterone. This can be overcome by the use of protein supplements and increase the heavyweight of biceps exercises while reducing duplication. This combination can be very effective in overcoming natural handicaps. Female biceps can be built, but the exercises and weight of extra protein supplements are a necessary part of it.

Some bodybuilders have been known to use female hormones, but this is not a natural way to weight training and steroid use, are harmful physiological effects. The hormones should not be used, especially when weight training and protein supplements are important enough for female bodybuilders to get great biceps place of women in any competition.

Train in style, safely, and allow an adequate diet and exercise regimen is your guide to build the best biceps Female, not only can you achieve your goals, but do it in a healthy way can be proud.

TMJ Treatment and Neuromuscular Dentistry in San Luis Obispo

Clicking, popping, and pain around the temples and jaw can be symptoms of an underlying problem called temporomandibular disorder (TMD), more commonly referred to as TMJ. As suggested by theislandnow experts temporomandibular disorder occurs when there is disharmony between the jaw joint and muscles, and/or teeth. If a person does not undergo TMJ treatment, they can suffer debilitating consequences.

San Luis Obispo dentist Dr. Troy Slade is an expert in TMJ treatment. He has completed advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry and understands the many ways in which TMJ can affect a person’s health. His in-depth understanding and experience with this complex condition allow him to treat everything from simple to serious cases.

If you suffer from jaw or neck pain, you may benefit from neuromuscular dentistry treatments in San Luis Obispo. Request your consultation online or call (805) 544-7804(805) 544-7804 to schedule an appointment.

Things to Smile About Reduction or elimination of headaches

Reduction or elimination of jaw pain

Heightened self-confidence

Improved bite position

Enhanced aesthetics

The Beauty of Technology

There are many different schools of thought about how to best treat TMJ. Dr. Slade has completed advanced post-graduate education courses through the Las Vegas Institute, LVI Global, and Occlusion Connections® for neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Slade understands the intricate relationship between the jaw joints, muscles, and teeth and uses a combination of forward-thinking approaches to treat disorders of the jaw. His ultimate goal is to restore your optimal bite where the joints, muscles, and teeth are in harmony.

TMJ can manifest in many different ways. Symptoms of TMJ can include:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw popping
  • Limited jaw extension
  • Ear congestion
  • Vertigo (dizziness)
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Neck pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Loose teeth
  • Clenching/bruxing
  • Numbness of fingertips
  • Insomnia
  • Facial pain

Smile Gallery Our patients are proud of their smiles, and we’re proud of the work we do. Check out these amazing transformations. View Smile Gallery

Your TMJ Transformation

It’s important that you first receive a thorough examination to determine if you suffer from TMJ. Dr. Slade will ask you a series of questions and assess your jaw position and bite. He will also evaluate the condition of your teeth and check for enamel loss or tooth wear, which can indicate TMJ.

Because of his in-depth understanding of proper bite management, Dr. Slade uses neuromuscular principles in his larger comprehensive cases to ensure the patient’s bite is in its ideal position, even if the original assessment does not reveal TMJ. This ensures that symptoms will not arise later, which can be common for those who have had a lot of dental work done in the past.

If your assessment reveals TMJ, Dr. Slade will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses both the function and look of your smile. Your personalized treatment plan might include jaw and bite therapies, oral surgery, prescription medication, oral appliances, and/or orthodontics. He may include other restorative dentistry techniques to improve your jaw and bite position and reduce TMJ symptoms.

After TMJ Treatment

Our patients who undergo TMJ therapy notice a dramatic improvement in their appearance and quality of life. The relief from painful TMJ symptoms can be life-changing. Chronic headaches, jaw pain, dizziness, and other types of facial pain can be almost, if not completely, eliminated. Plus, with the help of additional treatments such as veneers or teeth whitening, your smile can be bright, beautiful, and healthy.

Dating Tips for Straight Girls From a Gay Guy

Going on a date can be exciting and full of fun if you are with the right person. There are a lot of women who want to go out on a date with someone they like and completely forget how to feel or react when finally the day comes. So, if you are a straight woman who wants to go out on a date, here are the best dating apps from a gay guy which will surely be of help.


  • Learn to listen to the guy

women usually talk a lot more than men and this statement is backed by Science as well. According to several data that we have gathered over the years, it can be seen that women utter a lot more words than men. When women speak 20,000 words in a day, men tend to speak around 7000 words or less. A lot of men complain that women don’t listen to what they have to say and they keep speaking till they lose interest. So, you should avoid making that mistake. It can be a real turn off. 


Once you are done talking, it is crucial that you let the man speak and finish whatever they have to say. This not only helps them to express their views but allows you to know about him.

  • Pay attention to the details

a great way to learn more about your date is by observing little details in front of you. Or vice versa. You should pay attention to yourself as well. Some women believe that men don’t notice what they are wearing or the kind of perfume you are using. But, that is not true. Lot of men are very observant about what their date is doing and keep track of very small details. So you should pay a lot of attention to them.


  • Take into account his likes

if you are too obsessed about what you like and what you don’t, then there is a high chance that the man will be easily disappointed. For instance, don’t order all the food that you like. You should also ask the guy about what they would love to eat and what he doesn’t. Make sure that you make the guy feel cared about. You should not be too conscious about your likings. If you want to date someone, it is always essential to maintain a balance in whatever you are going to do.



  • Always be yourself

don’t pretend to like something just to impress the guy. Men are more into women who are genuine and know what they want. If you don’t like something, make sure to put it up and ask them about their decision. Just because you are going to date someone, it is not necessary to be on the same page and like everything that the other person does all the time.


Here are some cool dating tips that we believe can help you create a memorable date. Make sure to use a reliable gay dating apps or popular dating websites for finding the right guy.

Increase Metabolism Naturally And Lose Weight With Venus Factor

Metabolism is the process to break down all the food consumed and transform it in the form of energy that strengthen the body and keeps it going. If you want to improve the metabolism, then you can consume the Fat burning pills available in the market. It will help you to get the reduction in excessive fat of the body. The meeting of the needs is possible for the people to look different and unique.

Weight Loss: A Difficult Task

Weight loss has become a stress factor for many women who are gaining weight with their age. To maintain the balance in the body it is very important to have a strict intake of healthy food with regular workouts. The increase in metabolism helps to burn fat and calories in the body. The percentage rise in the rate of metabolism depends on the diet one is taking and the count of calories being burnt out of it. It is a daily process and if missed then increasing the metabolism becomes a difficult task. It can also be done through Venus Factor workouts which is considered best ever plan to weight loss.

Weight loss is no big deal if one is determined enough to follow few things. Losing weight has nothing to do with starving whole day or putting oneself on a strict diet. The body becomes used to with normal daily eating and working habits. However, it takes time to put it in order therefore slow start and speedy follow up is the best way to succeed.

Female metabolism can be increased by just avoiding few things and following certain things, this result in quick fat loss. Here are few ways to fat loss in a healthy manner. Females usually go for normal three times meal as a routine. But one should only eat when actual hunger is felt. This also includes healthy eating and not just anything. One should keep almost two to three hours gap between dinner times and sleep time. Intake of caffeine should be reduced so that there is no hurdle to get a normal sleep in night. As caffeine avoids sleep. A perfect sleep is very necessary. To increase female metabolism, one should sleep atleast 8 hours a night. Females love caffeine and junk food. But one should avoid chocolates, junk food, chips, and fizzy beverages. Females should not go for preserved fruit juice, but only intake fresh fruits and real fruit juice. As mentioned above females should not starve oneself. Starving affects negatively that is it makes one tired and hungry. Females should prefer fruits, green vegetables and whole grain meals for their meals. The fruits and vegetables which have high calories should be avoided. All things mentioned above are all about diet and meals. But exercising is the major factor to increase female metabolism. Not just this one should try and maintain a regular routine for exercising daily atleast one a day with all heart and soul. The body with high calories needs a high intensity workout; this can be achieved only through rigorous training and strict schedule. Females should try and give their 100% to get absolute healthy results. Continuous workout is not good one should take a leap of 2 minutes a then start again but should not leave in between. This affects the level of metabolism. If metabolism is breaking down all types of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Then one should try and maintain the minimum level of protein required for the body to be fit and healthy. A quick fat loss needs a careful and effective plan. Not only this riding also burns a lot of calories and keeps the person fit. It is a way to exercise effectively. Riding affects to burn more calories than a normal exercise schedule. An early morning ride is the best way too. Morning workout results more effectively. Therefore, doing cardio exercises is also one of the ways to increase your energy level and reduce fat. As in morning body is light weighted because there is no intake of food so it is easier to do a good session of workout for atleast 30 minutes a day. Waking up early in the morning and going early to bed in night is a good habit. It helps the body to stimulate and get back its energy level. Early and proper breakfast is most important part of the day. One should not miss it at any cost. It helps the body to work all day and if one is busy with some work all day it keeps you going. Drinking lots of water is also a good thing for a healthy body. It purifies and cleaning the body and gives energy to the body.

It is very important for females to keep their body and mind fit and healthy. They are the house manager as well as also work outside the house. Foe them it is very difficult to take care of themselves in a proper way. Proper eating and exercising is the only way out to get themselves maintained and controlled. Venus factor is one such product the helps the females to control their weight issues and give them effective results after the use. It is a genius way to get a perfect body in few weeks after the intake of Venus Factor. It assures females a healthy way of living.

American Singles And Online Dating –How is it useful ?

Writing a private advertisement and responding to one is one thing that only a handful of individuals did in an age when personals were strictly offline on finding your match. You most likely didn’t even reply to 1 then. Nowadays, though, online dating is soaring as an industry, and nearly every person has responded to a private ad through the world wide web, even if they’ve by no means taken the step to submit 1 on their own. You may possibly have responded to a couple of dozen and posted a single or two oneself.

Many countries have their Hookup sites to allow the youngsters to find their match. The sites are providing a lot of features to the people to choose a partner that vibe with users. It is an important thing to consider when you are finding the best partners from different countries. 

Wanna know more about pros? Being single is not what it utilized to be. These days a single person doesn’t tend to go out to the local bar, club, or espresso store in the hope of meeting a prospective partner or existence-spouse. For a amount of causes, this whole situation functions but seldom in modern American society. It’s not honest to blame American ladies exactly, but they have, it appears, grown much more reserved; reluctant to give the benefit of the doubt to guys they meet who appear interested in a date.

Guys are less inclined to locate women in the typical ways. How numerous girls are you heading to meet in a coffee store; is it worth making an attempt when you can meet actually thousands and thousands of singles on the web and appreciate an even greater likelihood of establishing one thing meaningful?

The virtual planet is expanding at a charge handful of predicted. Ok, possibly some folks obtained it correct. But did several believe online dating would grow to be this kind of a hit?

It is a hit and it does operate, specifically simply because we have little time for offline dating. Dating on the web gives us complete manage about the amount of time we shell out on the first procedure of interaction. As we appreciate some thing of a security net becoming on the web, fairly than getting encounter to encounter with a relative stranger, we are also encouraged to communicate and interact more openly than we may in an offline atmosphere.

On-line you date at your very own tempo. You usually have the option, what’s more, to withdraw from a relationship if one thing goes incorrect. You can be much less preoccupied with the potential failure to do and say the proper issues. Some on the web dating environments also provide background data about dates, so you have some info to go on: what sort of individual they are and what they’re interested in. However more fears, about badmouthing “Lord of the Rings” to a die-difficult fan, for illustration, are thus eradicated. You can enjoy drawing out communication; taking time to reply and get to know a prospective date.

From informal dating to marriage-minded connections, there is a basic shift setting a new trend in the online dating globe. On-line dating is becoming taken much more significantly, as it should be; and the emphasis of online dating is modifying. Before individuals tended to go on the web to find casual relationships or so referred to as “intimate encounters”. Now, more and more folks are using the web to locate a soul mate or lifestyle spouse; which, to some extent, explains the evolution of mail order brides and internet sites like, For more information please read on how to get a girlfriend.

Who Wants Overnight Weight Loss

Well, I’m really sorry to disappoint you but there is no way to achieve overnight weight loss unless of course, you go under the knife. You really should stop falling for the advertising headlines that are all over the place (you fell for this one…) and be absolutely sure in your mind that there is no possible way you can achieve lasting and healthy weight loss without putting in some effort. It’s time to save your money and help yourself.

The first thing to consider is not the amount of food that you eat but the type of food that you eat. If you ate only healthy, natural food you would not be searching for the next magic weight loss solution. Get More Info here on different tips that will help you with your diet and workout plans. 

So, it would be fair to assume that you eat more than your share of unhealthy stuff like processed food, fast foods, convenience supermarket meals, sweet stuff, etc.

Next, you need to know that although there is never going to be any quick fix, there definitely is a simple solution.

Here are 8 suggestions for you to consider.

  1. Empty your cupboards and refrigerator of everything you know is not a healthy option. Throw everything in the garbage and go shopping.
  2. Only buy fresh food. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, lean meat, fish – you know what healthy stuff is – you don’t need me to tell you.
  3. Eat before you shop, a hungry shopper is a prolific shopper. You are tempted to buy much more than you would if you had just had a meal.
  4. Until you have got used to the new eating habits, don’t be tempted to eat out. Prepare and cook your own food, take your lunch to work, and remember to include some healthy snacks so you won’t feel the need to have a candy bar mid-morning.
  5. If your lifestyle allows it, you should try and eat at least five smaller meals a day, use a smaller plate so your brain registers a full plate not a tiny bit of food on a huge dinner plate. By eating five meals spaced throughout your day, it will help prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping and making you feel lethargic.
  6. Don’t eat after about 7 pm. This will help your body to enjoy a good night’s sleep without it having to work too hard at digesting a huge supper.
  7. Drink more water than you normally would. Preventing your body from becoming dehydrated is important.
  8. Begin gentle exercise. Walking is a great form of exercise that everyone can do, it doesn’t cost anything and it will do the dog good too. Just be sure to have a good comfortable pair of shoes – there is nothing worse than sore feet. If you already walk – then walk further and faster. Try power walking – not quite jogging but very fast walking. As long as it gets your heart pumping faster, you’ll be getting fitter.

So, there you have it, your simple solution to losing weight – eat well (no need to eat less) and exercise more. If you do this consistently, you will lose weight and you will feel great too. It may not be the overnight solution that you had hoped for but you will still achieve the same thing – it will just take a little longer.