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Blind Date Surviving Tips

Don t get furious if someday you find your friends and family are trying to set a blind date for you. Don t take it personally! It is not an insult to either your intelligence or to your incapability to find a date yourself. Instead, take it as genuine consent and a sign that you’ve been a bachelor too long.

Either you were gay or you’ve decided to be a bachelor by choice, there is no reason why you should be angry at that idea. According to theislandnow, Blind date has become a common thing following the rise of the online dating industry and has gained its popularity as one of the quickest ways to find a date after speed dating.

If you decided to have a blind date, here some tips for not only surviving a blind date but also find the women of your dream.

Please always remember first blind date should not be pressure at all. Take it easy and consider it as a night out with a friend and don t put too much hope to find that she is exactly the perfect woman of your dream.

This is to ease your disappointment once you meet her and find out she is beyond your expectation. Whatever happens that night, meeting a new friend shall always be a great idea and broaden your social life circle.

Here few things you must prepare and plan beforehand:

  1. What to do first.
  2. Where to and what activities
  3. What to do/say
  4. If it goes well
  5. If it does not go well

What to do

Firstly, have your matchmaker informed her that you will be calling, that way she will be expecting your call. And once you call, you won’t find yourself in a situation trying to explain to her that you are not a telemarketer who trying to sell her the new product of panties or cosmetics.

Introduce yourself as the matchmaker s friend and ask her what she enjoys doing. Always have several suggestions on hand. You don t want to give her the impression that you are a passive or uncreative type of person by suggesting movies for your first date.

Unless both of you are a movies goer – movies is not a good idea since it does not support and not provides an opportunity to communicate to know each other better. You’ll be paying more attention to your movies instead of to your date.

Where to and what activities

Always find activities that require both of you to get involved with each other and engage in sporadic physical contact to see if there is a mutual interest between both of you.

Ask her to play pool table, for instance. She couldn’t play? Perfect. Offer to teach her and you will have many hand contacts. How about mini golf? Good! You will impress her. Is the novel review outdoor? Why not! Or a walk on the beach? Offer a lunch or dinner afterward, but remember to book your table a few hours beforehand. Waiting or queuing for your table will ruin your night.

What to do/say

Listen to what she says. I really mean that you listen to what she is saying and respond with passion. She would like you better if you show great attention and interest to what she s saying rather than you fighting her back by shooting words from your mouth boasting yourself.

Once come the time you have to ask questions, do not get too personal. Don t ask her personal subject and don t tell her about your bad experience with your ex no matter how she hurt you. It s taboo! If you start whining, you gave her a negative image.

If you can t think of anything to say, bring up the matchmaker s issue. Both of you have known the matchmaker and you both have a common ground of the person who set you up so use it to your advantage. One warning though don t talk about negative or bad issues about the matchmaker.

According to research on 500 couples who joined speed dating, only 9% of couples who brought up movies as a topic agreed to meet again and 18% who talked about traveling agreed to meet again. So picking up the correct topic for your conversation is essential.

If it goes well

By the end of the date, if everything goes well and both of you find a mutual interest, tell her you had a great time and ask her if she wants to go out sometime next week and let her know you will give her a call. Suggesting doing things together that came up during your conversation. If both of you love coffee, ask her to cup to a new coffee shop.

Say good night, give her a hug and kiss her on the cheek do not on the lips.

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