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Business Gift Decoration Definition

There are many different decorating methods to use to showcase your logo and we hope this will be an easy reference. Please note that not all suppliers have the ability to imprint in all of the methods listed. Once your business gift is chosen, we will advise you as to which method is available on that particular business gift, and during all this, https://www.giftmarket.com.sg/ is a great resource for new business owners.

EMBROIDERY is the traditional method of getting your logo done on most apparel and some other items. We work with many suppliers who offer this service and our local embroiderer who is one of the best in the business. A sew-out sample of your logo will be sent to you for your approval prior to the production of the entire order. You are then able to see your logo at the size and with the thread colors that will be used.

DIGITIZING of your logo needs to complete before your logo can be embroidered. Digitizing is the process of programming your logo so that the embroidery machines can stitch it accurately. Your embroidery is only as good as digitizing. We work with a digitizer that has won awards on the complexity of some of the programming he has achieved. There are other digitizers that are a little less expensive than we can have work on logo or design if it is basic. Once your logo is digitized, you will not have to pay for the service again unless the logo is modified or changed in any way.

DIRECT SCREEN is the process of pressing ink through a fine mesh screen with your logo on it that imprints directly onto the business gift. This is the most common imprinting method and works great with single-color logos. Multi-color logos can be imprinted this way if the registration is not too tight, as a different screen is used for each color. Tight registration is when the separate colors actually touch each other. When imprinting the second or third color, it is difficult to match up on some of the products. We would be happy to see if your multi-color logo would work using this process. Direct Screen can be used on most promotional products. Please note that when using the direct screen method on course fabrics that the ink can spread and fill more than when screening on smooth fabric. Therefore, when screening on course fabric is it advisable to use large bold text and designs. Small text will tend to fill in.

PAD PRINTING is the process of putting ink on a pad with your logo on it and, basically, stamping your logo onto the material surface. Pad Printing lends itself well to simple, one-color designs. If your logo does not have tight registration it is possible to Pad Print an additional color.

TRANSFER is the process of reverse screening your logo onto a transfer material which is then applied to the business gift’s surface with heat and pressure. This is a great imprinting method to use for multi-color logos with tight registration and sharp lines. It is a more precise way of transferring your logo to your business gift.

DEBOSS is the process of pressing your logo onto the material’s surface. Your logo is actually depressed into the surface, which you can see and feel. This method is ideal for leather, faux leather, and vinyl products.

COLOR FILLED DEBOSS is the process of adding color to the impression left by the standard DEBOSS method. This method is typically done on patches and fills colors may be limited.

FOIL STAMP is the process of stamping your logo onto the material’s surface with a metallic foil, usually gold or silver.

The BRANDING process uses a heated die to burn your logo into the surface. This process is most often used on leather such as coasters

LASER ENGRAVING process provides a clear, smooth, and polished appearance and can be accomplished on wood as well as metal and crystal. There are several laser engraving techniques such as standard, two-tone, and outline. Your lasered logo can be oxidized to enhance your logo with a permanent, blackened image. There is an additional run charge to oxidize your logo and is not available with all suppliers.

DOMES adds dimension to your logo and the process works well with very detailed designs. Your logo is printed and then clear, high-gloss polyurethane is poured over your logo encasing it and allowing your logo to shine, and giving it a very high-impact look. Domes come in standard sizes or can be completed customized for your needs.

METAL MEDALLIONS also come in standard sizes or can be completed customized. Your logo and the shape of the Medallion are cast in metal and then applied to your business gift-giving your logo a very classic look and feel.

PATCHES can be embroidered and applied to many different business gifts. Many organizations use Patches to embellish jackets and other apparel and also bags. Patches can be completely custom and made with iron-on adhesive or are sewn on. Sewn-on Patches are the preferred method for lasting durability.

RUBBER MOLDED PATCHES is another great method when wanting to add dimension to your logo. Multi-colored logos are easy to be produced in a variety of shapes.

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