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Helpful Tips To To Level Up In Pokemon GO

Recently, Pokemon Go announced tha the popular mobile game app is already now available on Nintendo switch. This announcement opened a way for fanatic Pokemon Go players to return to the mobile game en masse. There is no doubt that Pokemon Go is one of the successful and popular mobile games ever developed in the gaming community. It went beyond the traditional sphere that most of the mobile games are into. So if you are a fanatic player of this spectacular game, here are some of the effective and helpful tips to level up in Pokemon Go the fast way.

  • Get free raid pass. Joining raid is one of the best ways for you to level up your account. To do this, you should first spin at a gym like you would at PokeStop. This will help you get free raid pass which you can use later on on any level raid including legendary.
  • After getting the raid pass, it is not advisable to use it the same day. Instead, you should use it for another day or the next day when you have enough time to play for at least an hour.
  • Now that you are ready to raid, the next thing you should do is to pop a lucky Egg. This will grant you double XP for half an hour. After this, you can now join your first raid.
  • After completing your first aid, you should find another gym where you can spin at and get another free raid pass again. You may also buy a premium raid pass for 100 Pokemon coins in the apps store. 
  • After getting another free raid pass, you should join another raid and finish it.
  • Repeat the process over and over again until you enough lucky eggs and you are willing to buy premium raid passes.

Generally, lucky eggs are very crucial in order to level up your Pokemon go account for sale. Timing is also important. You should not use your eggs right away. It is important to make sure that the time is right before releasing or using them. Another effective strategy to level up your account is to find some friends to raid with. Technically speaking, the more challenging the raids are, the more impossible it is for you to complete it. Hence, you need some friends to support you in raid. You may opt to join some groups on Discord of Facebook and loo for a Pokemon Go raid group. Usually, the group will announce where and when they plan on raiding. As such all you have to do is to show up with your free raid pass and play. You may also consider to buy pokemon go account to grow your pokemon and level it up.

Overall, Pokemon Go is still a game where competition exists. So for you to become competitive, it is important to follow nsome of the mentioned tips above to help you out. Surely, you will be able to grow your Pokemon Go account. 


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