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Home Improvement Shows – Real Or Not Real?

There is something aesthetically pleasing in watching a home improvement show. You see the homeowners discussing what they want for their new home. You watch as the remodelers try to redesign it according to their clients’ needs. You witness the marvelous transition and even be amazed at what they can do with a simple looking bathroom. You then stay awed at the final look and the teary eyed home owners as they are welcomed inside their new, fully furnished home.

It makes the viewer feel good at having to witness such a change. This is the reason why home improvement shows are popular. People like watching a house getting a make-over. They wish it was their house too and the idea will linger in their minds and get them hooked at signing up for their own renovation.

But are these home improvement shows on TV real? We breakdown a few facts in what they don’t tell you in these shows. Before you think of renovating your own home to the likes of those shows, below are something you should think about before making that big decision.


Remodeling a home takes a lot of money. What shows don’t tell you is that there should be a realistic budget just to do a makeover for your house. Manufacturers and suppliers hop on the chance to get free advertising for these shows. So most of the time, the supplies used might be at a lower cost or even free. But in actuality, it costs a lot.

The same thing goes with remodelers and workers. Their labor fee might also be expensive. So it’s best to budget your needs and get your pricing across clearly so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding and excess payments.


A home remodeling show usually lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. It shows the whole process, from discussing plans to the final outlook. By the end of it, you’re quite sure a house can be finished in just 30 days or even less.

What one should know that if you want a stable house, it takes more than 30 days to build and renovate one. You need a certain amount of time for everything to be rebuilt or to settle. TV shows exaggerate the number of days it takes to remodel houses. So before you set your expectations, you should talk to a certified remodeler so you can anticipate when your own home will be finished.


A home improvement show is first and foremost an entertainment show so you’re bound to get hooked on all its drama. You might find the remodelers stuck with a problem. But there’s a solution for every problem they’ll ever encounter. They might even show the solution in a snap as if it’s that easy to find one.

In reality, problems will arise in remodeling houses. Solutions won’t come very easily. It’ll take days for remodelers to solve such solutions or even change course of actions to a better and more realistic one. Remember that TV shows make drama. In reality, you’d rather dread it.

But still, it couldn’t be helped that we’d all like to watch these shows. Just keep in mind that they’re not as realistic as what you’d thought they would be. To watch them, you can head over to Project Free TV. Many have wondered what happened to Project Free TV but your favorite home remodeling show might still be there. So check them out now.

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