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Should we take in the Adderall from other sources?

What is Adderall in our body? 

Adderall is simply a stimulant in our body that helps us focus and increases the energy of our body so that we feel more enthusiastic about doing our works. In addition, it helps in retaining our memory power. It is very obvious in today’s world that we all suffer from a common enigma of not understanding anything in one go because we tend to break through the topic and discussions very often. In this case, we either ask to repeat the things or remain confused that though we studied well but could not retain anything. This is a very common disability we are facing. Sometimes we flow away with our thoughts and imaginations between the classes, or we tend to think about the lunch break while attending a meeting in the office. This condition is serious, and sometimes it becomes awkward for us to come back from our imagination and join back the discussion when half the class is already shouting your name to come back to it.  This is surely an embarrassment, but we all must have gone through it at least once. 

How to take it?

When Adderall is combined with certain nootropics, which are also associated with similar functionings, a drug is made to be consumed by the person in a capsule form. They inhibit the function of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. The function of a neurotransmitter is to provide clear access to pathways inside the human body for the neuron to conduct signals. They help support both the motor nerves and the sensory nerves that send and receive signals respectively inside a human body. This brings into play the proper receiving and sending of signals from all parts of the body to the main controller, the brain. They also allow the growth of more and more neurons that are the functioning units of the brain. It is advised by the doctor to take two capsules of this medicine every time at breakfast, and it starts showing its effects within 30-35 minutes of intake, and the effect lasts for almost 12 hours. 

Now, the question arises of what the features and benefits it provides other than memory power are. The answer is that first, because it is made up completely of natural ingredients, it can be taken in by people from all age groups. Secondly, It comes with a guarantee, and it helps produce short and long-term effects. Though this product is a bit expensive, people still buy it for its promising results. 


As we have seen that this drug is made completely from the natural ingredients available everywhere, so it comes to the mins of people that can’t we make it at home itself instead of buying it. The answer to this is a strict No. Because we found that Adderall is a class of stimulant that affects the brain directly and that too the neurons, one should avoid taking any risk with the Cental Crdinating system of our body, it is usually prescribed for severe conditions such as ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, which is not a fun condition to play with or take it irresponsibly.

The OTC class of medicine

OTC refers to over-the-counter medicines. This group does not belong to Over the counter Adderall or Nootropic group because these medicines are controllable. It is strictly illegal to use Adderall for unknown purposes or without the prescription of a doctor. 

It should always be used in controlled portions, and the dose should be taken into consideration with the advice of a medical practitioner only.

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