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Temporary Or Permanent Fat Loss Which Would You Prefer

When you start to think about starting a diet most people only think about quick results i.e. the 7-day diet, the bikini diet, etc. They do not tend to look at the years ahead and what their body and health needs for the rest of their life. Moreover, they have no idea of How to suppress appetite so that they can achieve their goals.

People like the idea of the quick fix, like the bikini diet, were obviously women need to lose quickly as going on holiday and need to look good in a bikini. This however falls straight into the hands of the very large Diet Industry. In the first few days of a new year, when people have decided to lose Fat after their binge over Christmas, we are bombarded with this diet, that diet along with a range of exercise DVDs. A few weeks later it all goes away until the spring and it starts again for a pre-summer holiday then loses Fat to get into your party frock.

Why not when you want to start a diet look at the ones that will produce the results and that gives a way of life where you maintain your ideal Fat and never have to look at ideas again. The bottom line is that metabolism is the most important factor in diet sustainability and unfortunately a large proportion of people have the wrong misconception of metabolism in the following ways:

a) Dieters only exercise the fat area. Although a lot of gym instructors give this advice the real truth is that you need to really do a full-body workout.

b) Use diet pills to lose Fat. These tablets slow down the metabolism by lowering the appetite to lose Fat. This is short term result with detrimental effects on your long term wellbeing.

c) Restriction of too many calories. With this, there is a reduction in metabolism but any Fat loss is actually from fluids, muscle, and organ mass. The loss of muscle will reduce the metabolism and therefore the body’s ability to burn calories and on stopping the low-calorie intake you will regain Fat and possibly put on more than before.

d) Don’t think of only one factor affecting metabolism. The tendency is for people who want to lose Fat to only look at one area of consideration. Metabolism is affected by age, sleeping habits, sex, and amount of muscle mass. To be successful you must take into consideration all of the above areas.

The first priority when dieting, or in general living, is your overall personal health. Do not be blinded by great diet plans and extravagant ideas, always look after your health.

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