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The Best New Handheld Portable Vape

I have tried almost all of the portable handheld vapes on the market today, the Ascent is easily one of the best. If you like to vaporize marijuana then you need to get your hands on one of these. The first thing they made sure to improve upon was the battery life, the Ascent can vape for three straight hours without breaking a sweat. The next thing they looked to improve was the appearance, some vaporizers like the Iolite Wispr leave a lot to be desired appearance wise. With the Ascent DaVinci went above and beyond creating a variety of different styles that all stand out individually. The glass lined ceramic heating element helps to preserve the flavors of your cannabis as well.

The Ascent weighs just 6.8 ounces and has an average heat up time of 55 seconds. If portability and stealth operation is high on your list than the Ascent will suit your needs perfectly. It is 4.47 inches tall and is 2.24 inches across, the perfect size for a pocket vaporizer. My favorite design is the Croc Skin, but the Burl Wood and Black Rubber also look great. dry herb vaporizer is another kind of vaporizer that is high in demand. With the use of various vaporizers that you can use for various purposes you can have fun with the dry grass without getting caught.  You really can’t go wrong with any of the Ascent’s different looks. The Ascent vaporizer also comes with great functionality, you can vaporizer herbs or cannabis concentrates. I am a big fan of wax but don’t like all the hassle of taking dabs with a torch, the Ascent is a great compromise.

Some of the other popular handheld portables like the Sonic or the Pinnacle Pro are great alternatives but it is hard to find any other handheld that hits as hard as the Ascent. The Ascent really set itself apart from the competition when it went with the all glass air path. One portable I would stay away from is the Pax, yes it looks pretty but some of the components that make up the Pax are less than desirable. Besides the fact that the Pax has below average vapor production there are also a lot of fakes being circulated. Stay away from ebay or amazon if you are looking to pick up a new vape. Make sure you are buying your vaporizer from a trusted source that provides a warranty and customer service.

Recently we tested the Ascent against the super popular Arizer Solo. Both have established themselves as front runners in the portable vape game and for good reason. They are easily two of the most powerful handhelds being sold online. What we noticed is that while the Arizer Solo produces similar sized clouds it was unable to hold a charge as well as the Ascent. The flavor from both units was similar because they both use glass air paths and have high quality heating units. The Arizer Solo is slightly cheaper but the Ascent definitely packs a larger punch.

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