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The Fat Loss Factor – Know about the factor!!

Visibly losing your excess fats in as little as 12 weeks is what the Fat Loss Factor program is about. But with the number of fat loss factor reviews posted all over the Internet, one would certainly wonder if the product is indeed an effective way to lose weight fast and not just one of those overly-hyped products that don’t deliver on their promises. That being the case, this fat loss factor review will attempt to discover if the fat loss factor program is a worthy investment.

The Fat Loss Factor: Its System Explained

Obesity is one of the most common growing health problems faced by people not only in the United States but all over the globe. It poses a lot of adverse effects on an individual’s health, and leads to a much lower life expectancy. It increases the risks of many mental and physical conditions and can contribute in the deterioration of some of the body’s systems.

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Obesity happens when your caloric intake greatly exceeds what you burn via your routine daily activities or exercise. When these calories are not expended, it will be stored in the body as fats. Whilst genetics and pregnancy may be some of the contributing factors towards becoming obese, it is your personal lifestyle that mostly affects your weight.

Unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and other physical activities, smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, stress and lack of sleep can make you accumulate too much fat in your system. And if you will not do any adjustments in the way you live, the fats will just keep piling up until it goes to a level where it’s already detrimental to your body and overall being.

The Fat Loss Factor system provides its readers with heaps of valuable techniques in shedding those unwanted flabs fast. With its body sculpting blueprints, meal planning guides, workout routines, strategies to effective weight loss and an entire year of personal mentoring and coaching via email—well, you can say the the fat loss factor is a great deal.

The Fat Loss Factor Strategies

The genius behind this amazing ebook is Dr. Charles Livingston—an accomplished chiropractic physician and weight loss dietician. He’s been asked too many times on how to lose weight effectively and safely, ergo prompting him to come up with a system that circles around 12 foolproof strategies that are proven effective in detoxifying the body and ridding it of unwanted fats. It focuses on good nutrition accompanied by workouts that will make you burn those calories off.

It will mostly improve your metabolism, provide you with support emotionally and lastly help in stress management. The workout levels are also tailored for all kinds of people—it has something for beginners, the intermediate levels, and of course the more rigorous workouts are reserved for those who are already on the advanced levels.

The Fat Loss Factor: The Detox Stage

This stage of the program runs for exactly two weeks. During this time, the program participant is encouraged on the intake of organic foods that will help the body eliminate toxins. Organic is anything that isn’t processed or those that do not have chemicals in them.

As a result of the detox process, you’ll have a better immune system, your body will get accustomed to eating healthy, and this will ultimately help in losing weight successfully. If you look closely, this is one step towards lifestyle correction—eating healthier as opposed to loading your body up with things that are harmful to you.

The Fat Loss Factor: Diet and Exercise

Once you are done with detoxification, you are ushered into yet another program phase that runs for 10 weeks. During this phase, you are expected to go on a diet that incorporates strict levels of carbohydrates and proteins. Healthy fats may be included too as well as other fruits and vegetables as sources of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Participants will also be introduced to high intensity interval trainings and strength trainings. This will help improve the body’s metabolism rates and will also create leaner muscles for a fitter and better- looking physique.

The Fat Loss Factor PROS

1. It provides an easy guide to weight loss. The results being promised are not outrageous and can really be achieved if what’s listed in the program guides will be actually followed.

2. It induces a healthy lifestyle change that can benefit the participant in the long run.

3. It lists meal plans and lots of meal choices that are also delicious. They are both healthy and scrumptious; you wouldn’t even notice that you’re on a diet.

4. The exercise routines are easy to follow. It’s good that the author broke the routines down according to the levels of the participants.

5. If you want to buy the fat loss factor program, you may easily do so online. You are just a few mouse-clicks away from starting a life-changing endeavor.

6. It is offered with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you somehow felt that the product is not working as it should for you, you may return it and a full refund will be issued to you.

The Fat Loss Factor CONS

1. Some people may have a rough start with eating natural foods at the beginning. But if you come to think of it, who doesn’t? Chartering into anything unfamiliar may seem difficult at first, but with consistency, practice and lots of discipline, you’ll come to have the hang of it.

2. Some of the exercises suggested may require you to have equipments or machines that you may not have at home. But with the number of workouts listed in the program, you can choose the ones which can be done at home and which ones you can do at the local gym or YMCA.


With all the positive things mentioned, it seems that this program is worth a try. It’s an easy enough program that can be used by almost everyone. And anyone who wants to achieve a healthier and better body should give it a go. It is surely a worthy investment.

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