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The Top 5 Free Torrent Clients Or Downloaders In 2019

Over the years, watching movies has become more than just a past time. Today, movie or film viewing is a great platform of entertainment where you and your family members, workmates, or friends can have a bonding time together. Watching movies is a also an effective platform to educate yourself. With informative films and documentaries, this has indeed a great source of information. Moreover, the industry of film showing has been growing in the past years. With the rise of different media consumption platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video, more and more movies and series are being created and produced in the market.

According to studies, watching movies is one of the most common avenues of entertainment of the people of today’s generation. With the continuous advancement of technology, watching movies has become easier and convenient nowadays. This is because we can now see our desired movies on our mobile and smart phones. All you have to do is download the movie and then voila, you can now watch it anytime and anywhere. Hence, it is fair to say that the advancement of technology is one of the main contributors of the success of filmmaking and movie industry. Consequently, new apps and softwares are also being developed to help people easily download their desired movies onto their devices such as smartphones and mobile phones. Nowadays, even the latest movies can now be watched through your mobile phones. Hence, you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to see a movie in the cinemas. Everything can now be accessed through the power of technology in your hands – mobile phones. Thus, the power of technology boosts the continuous rise of film making in our society.

Furthermore, as stated earlier, for a person to watch a movie on his or her phone, he or she has to download it first into his or her device. You may opt to watch a movie using streamline or services but it will cost and require you huge amount of data. Also, streaming movies in your mobile phones is not ideal and advisable because you cannot resume watching easily especially if you have escaped the website you are watching at. Hence, downloading movies is more recommended for you to have the convenience of seeing your desired movie. But the question is, how do you download a movie online to your mobile phone? Well, there are different software that you can use to download any movie that you want. One of the most popular and most used tools is torrent. Torrents help people easily download any movies that they want. There are different torrent clients that you can opt to use to download your movie. Later on, as you read on this article, you will be informed of the different torrent clients, their features and differences among them, This will allow you to choose the right and appropriate torrent client for you.

What is a Torrent?

But before we proceed to the different torrent clients, let us first define what is a torrent. Knowing such will allow you to understand the use and advantages of using one in your device.  Technically, when we say torrent, we are referring to a set of data forwarded through the BitTorrent/uTorrent policy. It may pertain to any type of file like game, application, song or movie. In the process of transmission, the data set or file is considered incomplete so as considered to as a torrent. Therefore, files downloaded or torrent downloaded that have been stopped or paused could not be used and accessed as normal files because they don’t posses all the required data yet to be considered as regular files. But the good thing is, most of these paused files can be continued via a BitTorrent client, provided that the data set is accessible from another server. Moreover, torrents are way different from normal downloads because they are mostly downloaded from more than a server at a given period. The policy of BitTorrent utilizes multiple computers to send one file, hence it will reduce the required bandwidth by every server. These features make Torrent files different from regular downloads. Hence, torrent files are considered as more convenient than the latter.

With these, Torrenting is known to be a fast and reliable resource for people who want to access to particular files without spending money. Some of the files are textbooks, movies, music, games, application and so many more. However, before you’re able to get any files that you want, you need to have the right software in your device. This is when torrent clients come into the picture. As stated earlier, there are several torrent clients that you can use to download the files you need. To help you get to know them, here are some of the best torrent clients that you may consider using.


BiTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients of all time. According to studies, this torrenting downloader has the greatest number of users across the globe. If you are familiar with the torrenting process, you will definitely love this amazing torrent downloader. BitTorrent is known to be clean, easy to use and a software full of resources to aid any new users. The only downside of this tool is that it contains a lot of advertisements. This is the exchange of it being free.


Another great torrent downloader is uTorrent. If you are a beginner torrenter, uTorrent is also a good practice tool for you. This torrent client doesn’t have any complicated features, so it will not slow down you system like other torrent downloaders do. You may also opt to use a Pro upgrade of this tool for only $20 per year. This will provide you extra features like scanning downlaods for viruses or getting rid of advertisements.


If you are looking for a powerful torrent downloader, Vuze is the best option for you. This torrent client is a feature-heavy downloader. It may have variousfeatures and may seem complicated but all of its configuration settings are very direct and free from technical slang. Thus, it is also ideal for new users. Another great thing about this tool is that you have the option to choose what type of user you are: Beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Deluge is considered as one of the oldest torrent downloaders. It is a lug-in based client. This means that you have the freedom to choose which feature of deluge that you want to download. It also gives you the liberty to customize your very own torrent downloader. While Deluge is not as advanced as other clients, it has some features that you cannot find in other clients. One of those is the feature that allow you to consult and chat with other users and developers.


Last in our list but definitely not the least is qBitorrent. If you are looking for a client which can offer you both the features of a minimalist client and feature packed ones, then qBittorent is the right torrent downloader for you. It provides quality features like integrated torrent search engine, IP filtering, encryption and many more. qBittorrent has lesser advertisements compared to other clients.

Ultimately, torrent clients are very helpful for people like us who are always on hunt of wide variety of files such as movie, songs, textbooks, application and so many more. Using these torrent downloaders, we can now easily and conveniently download any files to our devices. All you have to do is to choose the right torrent client that will work perfectly for you and something that you will find more convenient and easier to use and you are all set up. You can now listen to any music you want, read any textbooks you prefer and watch any movies that you desire.

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