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5 Ways To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain – Understand Them!!

If you’re like most people, the holiday season means big family dinners, your favorite desserts, and holiday parties with snacks and egg nog. If you’re in the process of trying to lose weight or even just adopt a healthier lifestyle, the holidays can be a real test of willpower. The average American gains at least 1 pound between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with overweight people gaining an average of 5 additional pounds. Below I’ve put together a few tips to help you keep this from happening to you.

Keep Your Exercise Routine Going

 For me this is the most difficult part of the holiday season. With all the family events and holiday parties, it’s very tempting to skip out on my normal workout routine. I think the best advice to follow here is to always do something, even if you don’t have the time or energy for your full routine. Obviously there will be some exceptions, if you’re celebrating Christmas Day with your kids, it’s reasonable to skip out on going to the gym that day. On all those other busy days though, commit to at least doing some part of your routine. Maybe you have a holiday party after work and you don’t have much time for exercise, you can at least commit to 15 or 20 minutes of exercise. If you skip a few days, it becomes a lot more difficult to start again than if you just cut back a little. How to reduce the weight gained in the vacation? For the gathering of the benefits of the booster, the checking of full review here will deliver the best results. In the beginning,  it can be difficult but before using it complete information should be available. 

Commit to Reasonable Portions

 In my family, like many others, the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals have become yearly feasts where everyone brings a dish. It seems like I eat multiple plates of food just trying to try a little bit of everything. Clearly this can be a problem for those of us trying to eat healthy, and its can be hard to stay committed when there’s so many delicious choices in front of you. For me, the best strategy has been to decide beforehand how much I’m going to eat. There’s nothing wrong with eating a little more than a normal meal, but if you decide on an amount before the food is all in front of you you’re more likely to choose a reasonable portion. When you’re inevitably offered more once you’ve finished, there are polite ways of saying no, like lightheartedly saying “I couldn’t eat another bite.”

Don’t Starve Yourself Before Big Meals

 This one may seem obvious, but many people have made this a habit and make holiday meals an even bigger meal than they would’ve been. On the day of a big family meal, eat a normal, healthy breakfast, and depending on the time of dinner, eat a normal lunch. This way you’re not so hungry when the big meal comes and you’re less likely to over indulge. For knowing the correct information, a person pay visit for testosterone booster reviews and rankings to purchase within the funds available. The consumption of the meals and food is restricted to reduce the weight and excessive fat from the body, 

Keep Party Snacking to a Minimum

 We’ve all been to work or social holiday parties where cookies, brownies, chips, and other snacks are widely available. Everyone socializes with a small plate in their hand eating through most of the party. These high-calorie snacks can add up fast though, so one thing you can do is to not stand close to the serving table. Again, the key here is to keep it reasonable, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a couple cookies, but avoid snacking throughout the party. Get your snack and drink and then move to another part of the room to focus on socializing, after all that’s why you came to the party. If you aren’t standing within a couple feet of the snack table you’re less likely to keep eating the whole time you’re there.

Create a Physical Reminder

 Creating a physical reminder of your commitment can go a long way towards keeping you on task. This can be as simple as a post-it note or a note on the fridge reminding you of your goal, whether that is a target weight or simply staying healthy through the season. My wife and I chose custom t shirts for this purpose; we had them printed out with a picture of a skinny Santa and text that reads “Staying healthy through the holidays!” It’s a little hokey, I know, but we wear them when we go to the gym and it has been a big morale booster to remind us of our goal.

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