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Insomnia: Natural Ways to Help and Prevent

At one point in our lives most everyone has suffered from one or more forms of insomnia. It can be very agitating as well as deprive us of our normal job and daily functions. There are several medicines on the market that doctors can prescribe, and these medicines also come with some harsh side effects. So for those of us who are willing to try something new and alternative, there are natural remedies.

Valerian is a perennial flowering plant that blooms sweet smelling white and pink flowers. In the sixteenth century Valerian was used as a perfume. Once only found growing in Europe and Asia, it can now be bought as a natural supplement in the United States. It is the root on these Valerian plants that is used to make teas and capsules to help us with sleep. It should be taken on a daily basis, and you may not experience help at first, but within time you will receive the full effects of Valerian root. Be very careful when taking Valerian, it is known to have some of the same effects as tranquilizers so be sure not to drive or operate machinery. Valerian should be taken with caution at least 30 minutes to an hour before you are ready to go to sleep.

Melatonin is a dietary supplement that can be bought over the counter in the United States. There are many uses for Melatonin and studies have found that it can help with headaches, gallbladder stones, cancer, and once again, insomnia. I use Melatonin to help with fertility and my persistent problem with headaches. Since using Melatonin, I have found that it has helped me to sleep better at night. I don’t wake feeling groggy and I feel very happy with the amount of sleep that I received at night. As well as with any other supplement or medication, be very careful when taking Melatonin. Studies have found that large doses can be counterproductive.

High intakes of caffeine and sweets also play a role in insomnia. It is a proven fact that if you lower these intakes your chances of sleeping better are increased. As a parent of a very active four year old, I make sure that my child doesn’t ingest any caffeine or sweets at least two hours before bedtime. These are stimulants that do not reduce the need for sleep but make you feel that you aren’t tired. If you are having any types of sleep disorders please make sure that you limit the amount of caffeine and sweets that you ingest.

Try avoiding tea and coffee as much as possible because it leads to immense weight gain and diabetes which turns fatal after a certain age and there is an interesting resurge review online that has an interesting article where caffeine is listed as one of the main causes of insomnia.

In parts of the Western World, Kava is a herbal medicine that is used to treat insomnia. The active ingredient in Kava is kavalactones. The effects of these kavalactones include mild sedation, and numbing of the throat and mouth, similar to that of chloroseptics. I highly recommend that you ask a doctor or pharmacist about the side effects of Kava, and use in moderation.

Aromatherapy is known as the treatment or prevention of diseases or illnesses by the use of essential oils. There are many different types of products that you can buy that are made with these essential oils. Some of these types are candles, bath oils, and lotions. Lavender is one of the main types of Aromatherapy that is used to calm and relax. I have many different products that include lavender oil and I find them very relaxing. I use the bath oils and salts regularly and they help me to relax before bedtime which results in a better nights sleep.

Acupuncture is the technique of inserting small needles into specific pressure points on the body to relive pain for therapeutic purposes that originated in China. Although some researchers have found that acupuncture is beneficial to reduce and help insomnia, other researchers have found insufficient evidence to determine whether it actually is or not.

Chamomile is a that is used for a dye to produce a green color and provides an apple-like scent. When used in the tea or capsule form they can provide a remedy for insomnia as well as many other illnesses. Some supplements that contain Chamomile have been found to have harmful additives in them. Therefore, it is essential that you should consult with a doctor before taking. It is also not save to use Chamomile if you are allergic to plants. Chamomile products can be found in many health food stores as well as some major retail stores. There are many bath salts and oils that also contain Chamomile that will help to relax you. It is proven that just by taking a warm bath is a great way to relax before bedtime. If you don’t have bath salts with Chamomile or Lavender, Epson salt and baking soda is another alternative. This as well, will help relax you and also removes toxins from your body.

Listening to music and drinking a glass of warm milk before bedtime has also been found to help you sleep better. Milk contains calcium which works on jagged nerves that make them relax. Drinking warm milk fifteen minutes before bed will help calm your nervous system, thus helping you to receive better sleep. When listening to music, chose a calm relaxing melody that will help to sooth you. Something similar to a lullaby should work just fine. I’ve found this to work on my sleepless child many of nights.

Some of the methods I’ve listed may be a good alternative for you. I would suggest that if none of these remedies work you should seek a doctors attention very soon to possibly find out if you have a more serious condition. Many of these remedies have possible side effects that could be harmful to your body. And as with other supplements and medicines, what works for others may not work for you.

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