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The Big Arms Workout Is The Fastest Way To The Biggest Biceps And Huge Triceps

The homepage of The Big Arms Workout will tell about the fastest way to the biggest biceps and triceps. Biceps flexing may not be your style, but having massive arms hanging out of your sleeves just might be.

The Big Arms Workout will give you the tools and information to achieve your goal of huge arms!

We will start our quest for massive arms by working the biceps. I do this because my biceps warm up quickly and my elbows are ready to go before I hit the triceps. Let’s start with Hammer Curls. Grab one dumbbell in each hand and hold them at your sides with your palms facing in toward your body. Curl the weights up toward your shoulders while keeping your elbows close to your body, and your palms facing in. Hold the dumbbells at the top of the movement for a second and then lower them under control. Do this with a lightweight for 15 repetitions for your first set. Find a wall or pole to hang onto to stretch your biceps. Do this and rest for 2 minutes. Take a pair of dumbbells that are heavy enough to limit you to 10 repetitions and just do eight of them. Rest and stretch for 2 minutes and repeat for a total of 4 work sets.

Additional Tips for the Big Arms Workout!

Next in the Big Arms Workout, we will do an exercise to help us get big triceps. This exercise is called JM Presses.

It is named after JM Blakely, a great bench press competitor, known for his triceps size and power. You lie on a bench and take a grip with your hands approximately 12 inches apart. Take the bar off the racks and hold it above your chest. Keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle to your body and lower the bar to a point about 6 inches above your nose. Hold for a second and press it back up. This is not supposed to be a strict exercise, so find the groove and add some weight! Begin this exercise in the Big Arms Workout with a lightweight and do about 15 repetitions to warm up and get used to the exercise. Although you will be able to use heavy weights eventually, you should not push too hard on this for the first couple of workouts. Once you are used to it, do your warm-up first, and then add enough weight to limit you to 8 reps and only do 6. Rest and stretch for 2 minutes, and repeat until you have completed 4 sets of 6 repetitions.

For most people, these first two exercises might be enough, but the Big Arms Workout is for truly huge biceps and triceps! That means that we need some more work, and we need to pump some blood into these Guns!

We are going back to the biceps part of the Big Arms Workout and to a tried and true exercise, the Barbell Curl. This will give you the biggest biceps possible. Grasp the bar with your hands slightly wider than your hips and stand up with it. Curl the bar up to within a couple of inches of your shoulders. It is okay to allow your elbows to come forward a little to help contract the biceps. This is a mass-building exercise, so a little body English is okay, just don’t get carried away. Warm-up first with a lightweight and do 10 repetitions. Stretch and rest for 2 minutes and add enough weight to limit you to 8 repetitions. Do only 6 per set, resting and stretching for 2 minutes between, and do 4 sets like that.

To finish your arms and pump them up to the point you can hardly bend them, we will do triceps pushdowns. Just like the other exercises in the Big Arms Workout, warm up with a lightweight before going heavy. When you have done that, add enough weight to limit you to 15 reps but do 12. Rest for only 1 minute between sets and do 5 sets like this. Now you are done with the workout and you should stretch the arm muscles to allow for extra growth and enhance the recovery process. Go home, drink your protein shake and rest. While you are resting, why not watch a good movie. Just Click Here for a great way to add to your movie collection.

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