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Consider Bringing a Shelter Dog Home

Many people never think twice about getting a puppy when they’re looking for a new dog, but a fully grown shelter dog might actually be the perfect option. They might possess many good qualities that a new puppy might not have. Many dogs that were dropped off a shelter are not bad dogs as many people believe; some are simply there because their families don’t have the time or room to care for them properly. Some very good dogs get put in a shelter and you could get very lucky by finding the perfect dog for you household.

Many dogs are house trained and have some basic obedience under their belts. That means you don’t have to train a new puppy that has numerous accidents in the house or rips apart your furniture. You’ll also already get a glimpse of its personality, and know its size and temperament before you ever bring the dog home. You’ll know what you’re getting as an “adult” dog before you take the chance on the dog. It’s not likely that his personality will change that much if you get a chance to handle and spend time with the dog while you’re at the shelter.

You probably won’t end up finding a purebred show dog with papers and a great lineage, but if you just want a great family pet that isn’t important. Mutts can actually make much better pets than thoroughbreds since their genes are not so restricted; they can be more balanced, healthy pets. Most often people pick their dog on breed stereotypes or on cuteness. This can be very bad since you may not get a “Lassie” just because you buy a collie, and puppies don’t stay that cute or that small throughout their lives. With a shelter dog you get a taste of what you’re getting.

You can often bring your pets and whole family to the shelter to get acquainted with the dog you’re looking at. Definitely meet and greet the dog, spending time to get to know the personality of the dog you’re going to buy. From experience as a shelter volunteer, I know that the people at the shelter actively work with the dogs to see what kind of personalities they have. Marked on the papers attached to each cage is traits that a prospective buyer would need to know: is the dog ok with other dogs? Cats? Children? A rambunctious home or does it need quiet? These are all things you should consider before picking one and taking it home. Picking a shelter for your dog home is like choosing the best training tool for your dog. There are several factors that you need to consider. In addition, you should also check some reviews like barx buddy reviews for training tool when choosing a shelter for your dog home.

A shelter dog can be the perfect addition to your home. If you’re considering getting a new pet, check out your local shelter. You might be pleasantly surprised by what kind of dog you can get, and you’ll also be providing a home for a great dog.

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