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Diamond Painting- Drilling It Out For Understanding Purpose

When you talk about a particular profession, the first thing you look at it is how much it pays you before deciding on whether or not to take it up and without even analyzing if it is the one for you.

On the other hand, there are people who have this inborn talent to learn many things in an instant without going through too much toil and they are so attentive that they gather all the knowledge in a short span of time.

Everyone has a passion for an art form whether it is dance or music or painting and so on and is fiercely passionate about their love for it and leave no stone unturned to sweat it out for months and years before finally achieving perfection.

Subset Format

One such art form that instantly comes to mind is painting, which is one of the most practiced all over the world as there are painters of great repute that have established benchmarks for others to follow.

But how many of you have heard of the term diamond painting? It is one of the greatest forms of painting that you can ever come across and goes by its own set of rules that a passionate painter is bound to follow for it is the mantra of success that establishes one in this field.

Diamond painting is a blended mixture of different art and craft forms that get together to form a unique format of subsets in the field of painting and is similar and yet quite different from painting as a whole.

It has been classified as a mosaic art by experts who are of the opinion that one has to be learned and matured to appreciate this art form in true sense because it takes the eyes of a skilful painter to decipher the images that have been woven on the canvas.

Subtle Artistry

How diamond painting is different from its erstwhile counterparts can be seen from the fact that it takes years of learning and experience to become an expert painter but to do the same with diamond or glass painting is a technique that cannot be mastered that easily.

You need to have that zeal and passion as a part of your inherent personality to get the images in the correct format for you to master diamond painting as an art. In other words, you have to be a genius to realize art form on the basis of the photos that are formed in your mind that act as a reflection of how creative the mind is.

It is a subtle form of artistry indeed where you need to establish your credentials by thinking out of the box regarding the toolkit and the photographic images that you come across.

You will need to imprint the surroundings of nature into your brain in order to master the technique to perfection, which cannot be learnt through experience alone. This is why most budding artists who try to emulate their idols during childhood take the safe and traditional way of learning the technique and applying it.

While a genius does not care a fig for rules and regulations but creates his own rules through masterful innovation of the painting and that too with complete originality, a caliber of people that are rare to find.

Full and Partial Drill

Let us take a look at the drills that are involved in diamond painting but first you need a diamond kit to know the basics, which includes how to handle the tools and colors alongside the white canvas.

Full drill is when you entirely cover the printed area of the sheet depending on the size while partial drill is the printed space that is not covered by the sparkled beads and here too it is the size of the sheet that matters.

The full drill is similar to mosaic and is addressed so as well and people that are passionate about painting use this format to conclude their final result while the partial one is like a cross stitch where the people who prefer smaller sheets prefer this form.

So be ready with your diamond art kits in handy along with your preferred set of sheets so that the process can begin and complete in the required amount of time, which is quite an important part of diamond painting.

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