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Waterproof Mattress Pads for Bedwetters: A Buying Guide

If your child is a bedwetter then you need to Visit mattressify and have a waterproof mattress pad that will provide protection from wetness reaching the mattress itself. These memory foam mattress at laweekly will provide you with the very best comfort for your baby and since these mattresses are waterproof making them durable and efficient.

There are so many different waterproof mattress pads on the market and they all range in price, from very low priced and decent quality to high priced and sometimes still only decent quality. Here is a look at the best waterproof mattress pads for bedwetters as well as where you can purchase the mattress pads to save the most money!

Baby Waterproof Mattress Pad

JC Penny has waterproof mattress pads that are made for a crib size mattress and are perfect for carrying on into the toddler years during the potty training stages when your little one is sleeping in a toddler bed. The Kidsline waterproof mattress pads are available from JC Penny.com in a 2 pack for under $30 making them an exceptional deal when it comes to price! These pads are highly absorbent and they have a soft cotton top with a waterproof plastic underliner for repelling the moisture from touching the mattress. I’ve used these mattress pads with all of my children and they seem to be very good quality for the money! They last through numerous washings and with two in a pack there is not a need to make another purchase throughout the time until your child grows out of the toddler bed!

Polyester Waterproof Mattress Pads

These mattress pads are usually filled with polyester and have a plastic backing that forms the waterproof barrier on the bed. Most polyester pads are more tightly woven and sewn than the cotton pads and they seem to be more durable than a cotton-based waterproof mattress pad. Target.com has polyester filled waterproof mattress pads that range in size from twin to king and are priced below $40. These are perfect for older kids who still may wet the bed occasionally. They are super absorbent and the plastic sheet on the back will never allow any moisture to get through and ruin the mattress on the bed. Bedwetters and their parents can rest assured that the mattress is fully protected from moisture with these durable and soft pads. The plastic sheet on the back will not make noise when you move on the bed either making it completely secret that it’s even on the bed!

Vinyl Waterproof Mattress Pads

Vinyl pads tend to offer the best moisture barrier when it comes to bedwetters. Vinyl pads can be purchased individually for very little but they will make squeaks or weird noises when you move around on the bed and they are not always really comfortable to sleep on. A vinyl waterproof mattress pad that has a triple layer cotton top will not make noise and adds padding to the bed. These are especially useful for older mattresses which may need a little extra comfort added to them. Bedwetters will not have a chance of getting any moisture onto the mattress when there is a vinyl pad on the mattress followed by three layers of absorbent cotton. In most cases, the moisture will not even make it through to the vinyl pad itself! This is the cheapest way to get the most performance and protection out of a waterproof mattress pad for bedwetters.

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