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Green Living Guide: Eco-Friendly Cookware and Bake Ware

Staying green in the kitchen can be a lot easier than most people think. With cast iron, stoneware and several other utensils and tools for the kitchen, the transition to green is easy. Using stone bake ware and cast iron cookware, you not only eliminate plastics and chemical coatings, but you cook more evenly and use less energy to do your cooking. This alone will help you to be green. Usually when you think of being green, the average guy having a party in the backyard and tailgate parties do not exactly jump to mind, but these can be many times more eco-friendly than any other method of cooking. Using wood or natural charcoal, you use no electricity, chemicals or anything else that is harmful to the environment. Here are some comparisons of different “green” kitchen gadgets to help you make an eco-friendly meal.

Fire Roasting:

This is a favorite for many guys around the world. Nothing says manly like a slab of meat roasting on a fire. Whether it is a small hibachi grill or a roaring bonfire with whole animals on a spit, cooking on a fire is eco-friendly. There are many all-natural charcoals out there that are often cheaper than the standard coal used. You can also use dead wood that can cause damage to surrounding vegetation and increase fire hazards. You are not only clearing up rubbish form nature, you are getting a healthier and more flavorful natural meal.

Stone Bake Ware:

Using stone bake ware is easy, cost effective, and “green”. Since stoneware is easier to make, it is better for the economy in both the manufacturing process and at home. Stone baking dishes and pie pans reduce cooking times and are a natural way to cook at home. They do not use chemical treatments and non-stick plating which also improves their environmental goodness. They are also relatively cheap. You can find stoneware at most stores and with so many brands out there you are destined to fined a set in your price range. There are many sets out there that will fit any budget. Stone bake ware not only helps the economy but also improves the natural flavor of the foods that you make. The stone does not emit any chemicals into your food so you are guaranteed the full natural flavors that your ingredients have to offer. It also cooks more evenly so that there are no “bad spots” in your meals. The stone also helps to spread the heat so that you use less energy to get the same results which helps to lower your utility bills.

Cast Iron:

Cast iron is another way to produce all natural results in your cookware. Just like stoneware, it uses less energy and there are no chemical emissions into your food. Cast iron is also very affordable. You can find an entire set of cast iron cook and bake ware for under $50 and single pieces start at $5. Cast iron is also a great way to make roasts, chili, soups, and stew. Cast iron also enhances natural flavors and spices by not adding any flavor of its own. Cast iron is also very versatile since it can used outdoors, indoors, camping, or in any other way that you want to use it.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel cookware is the new cast iron. For those that find iron cookware to be too heavy and cumbersome, stainless steel is your answer. It is easier to care for and usually does not require tempering to get started. It is easier to move around and easier to clean. There is also little chance of rusting. Stainless steel offers the same benefits as cast iron as well. It still cooks evenly and stores heat to reduce cooking times. Stainless steel is also rugged and will last for a long time which further enhances the value and uses of this cookware.

Ceramic Cookware:

One cheaper alternative in cookware is to use ceramic plated aluminum. These pans are very lightweight and easy to assemble at the factory. The ceramic covering provides a non-stick surface like Teflon, but without the chemicals. It is easy to clean and very lightweight. The ceramic and aluminum does not provide for the most durable of materials, but they are cheap and easy to find. Ceramic cookware is affordable and eco-friendly. The lack of chemicals to provide the non-stick finish is not only good for the environment, but makes for a better and more flavorful meal.

With everyone getting into a “green” state of mind, it is becoming easier to find and afford eco-friendly items at just about any store. There are many different brands and styles out there that can fit any décor or budget. Not only is chemical-free cooking good for the environment and nature, you can get much better food from natural cookware and cooking methods. All the people should click here now at the official site of the homedesignx to purchase the kitchen products. The furnishing of the correct and essential information is there for the benefit of the purchasers. For maximizing the profits, there can be change in the cooking habits of the purchasers.

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