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How To Control Anxiety Naturally – Know About It

I’ve struggled to find outfor the past several years now and I think I finally managed to nail down the disorder. As someone with a highly stressful job, I’m not really surprised when I started to feel more anxious than usual. However, when the anxiety managed to cross my personal life – sometimes attacking even when I’m at the grocery store – then I knew I had to do something. Short of changing jobs (which is not really possible), I tried exploring the different aspects of anxiety attacks and how to best solve the problem.

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Controlling Anxiety Through Diet And Lifestyle

The first thing I tried to address was my diet since I’m a great believer that what we eat affects practically everything in our body. Some of the foods that I noticed were really helping included fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s probably because they have a low sugar content which produces short bursts of extra energy on individuals. I’ve also found that lowering my caffeine intake reduces my anxious state. Nowadays, I drink more tea than caffeine since the tea – especially with lemon wedges – helps me relax.

Anything rich in vitamin C also helps – hence the lemon wedges. Vitamin C is a natural vitamin against stress and actually regulates the production of cortisol. From what I know, cortisol is one of the body substances that help regulate anxiety and have tranquilization effects. The fact that they help boost the immune system is also another plus.

How To Control Anxiety Through Activities And Visualization

Although I don’t know just how related anxiety is to exercise, I’ve found that I’m less prone to attacks once I took up running. From what I read, some studies claim that exercise actually helps reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety in individuals, possibly since it helps burn off extra energy and release chemicals that leave the brain in a good mood. Scientists have also pointed out that exercise reduces system chemicals contributing to depression while at the same time leveling up body temperature. Personally, I just feel lighter after every exercise and therefore more relaxed. Massages are also very helpful plus some female primping.

Of course, let’s not forget the “Me” times I usually reserve for myself. With the help of professionals, I managed to pinpoint the reason for my anxiety and avoid them as much as possible. Nowadays, I try to give myself a full (or at least half a day) of relaxation. I also try to spend some time with friends just to release all the acquired tension of the week. This way, I can come back to work feeling refreshed and not so high-strung.

If you find yourself undergoing the same problems I did, then know that you don’t have to suffer through the situation for the rest of your life. There IS a solution for anxiety, but you have to be determined or it wouldn’t work. For more information about how to control anxiety naturally, try following this link and start living your life to the fullest!

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