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Stylish Designer Handbags – Popular And Pricey Dior Bags

This article will be entirely dedicated to Dior bags as one of the most popular designer handbags are trending. Dior bags are used most by K-pop idols and stars; hence it is justified by the grace and craze that people will buy them. 

This article will let you know what to get hands-on presenting Most Popular and expensive Dior Bags of all time with approx. Dior price.

Dior bags are most expensive bags that one can offer because it is popular and outlast it Trends and take parts in making the world of fashion.  Let’s not waste much time and dive into the best bags to imagine being a luxury lover.

The Most Popular And Expensive Bags Offered By Dior

  • Lady Dior Bag- $9000

The bag was introduced in 1994, where it was named favorite, and it was gifted to Princess Diana on her visit to Paris. Princess Diana created this statement and made this bag famous because she loved it so much that she was seen with the bag in every Paparazzi photo after it. 

It is a classic popular bag and A signature Dior that everyone loves, and it comes in 4 different sizes and colors.

  • Dior Diorissimo Bag-$9000

A signature bag released in summer with a video of exceptional craftsmanship and signature Dior bags in the making made the bags so viral that it went into a huge success and the trend last to date.

  • J’adior Dior Bag-$8000

The bag went viral when it was presented on a fashion show. It was designed by Maria Grazia, the artistic director of Dior. It gives a complete workaholic statement defining your personality according to your accessories, giving the world access and adaptability but still keeping its statement and signature in place.

  • Dior Saddle Bag- $11,000

This bag is an absolute favorite if you want a complete vintage look and fair play with the colors matching and equipping yourself with the accessories. One must have this bag if someone loves vintage as this bag was trendy in the 90s from the HBO Sitcom Sex and the City. This bag still has a special place and is known as one of the Dior timeless bags.

  • Diorever Bag- $6,000

The central concept of this bag was to create a minimum and styling with simple features, yet the most elegant want to live all the trends in future. This bag was an absolute success and a favorite for people who don’t want to carry heavier bags with their outfits but still look good and accessorized.

The Other five bags are always in the fashion statement, and those who want luxury and designer setups of outfits can surely opt for these bags without hesitating. These are as follows:

  1. The Dioraddict Bag – $12,000
  2. D-Bee Tote Bage – $7000
  3. Dior Le 30 Medium Tote Dior -$8000
  4. Dior Diorama – $12,000
  5. Dior (R)Evolution Bag – $10,000

All the prices are approx. and the bags are listed according to the popularity. One must look into the country’s tax system and pricing for accurate buy. They can also visit the official website.

Final Thoughts

If you have already decided to get a Dior bag, these bags will be your top priority as they are unique and timeless in passion, which justifies your love for the designer and worth of money.

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