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Top 5 Care Taking Tips Of Dominant Shibu Inus!

Shiba Inu can be a great pet for those who are lacking fun and excitement in their life. It is great to choose for dominant Shibu inu who is aggressive, extremely active, and mischievous. Handling of the dog is difficult but not impossible as if you incorporate good habits into Shiba Inu puppies when they are young, they can become obedient surely. 

We are here taking a look at the top five caretaking tips of dominant Shibu inus. If you are curious about understanding how effortlessly you can handle the shibu inus and enjoy your company without getting yourself harmed, consider reading until the end. 

Top 5 caretaking tips!

Among all the breeds of dogs, Shiba Inu is one of the top choices among dog owners. If you are a first time dog keeper, it is recommended to opt for some other breed to get familiar with pets as Shibu inu can give you a hard time handling them. However, if you have already made your mind, then the following tips can come in handy in taking optimal care. 

  • Make them exercise daily

Shibu inus must go for a walk or do other exercises to keep themselves fit, stimulate their minds, and prevent several diseases. Shibu inu gets bored easily, so exercising would add fun to their routine as you can opt to chase the thing game for helping them with fun and excitement. In addition, boredom can lead to chewing, biting, and naughty behavior of the pet, so do consider making them exercising every day. 

  • Handling shibu in

Shibu Inu puppy is much easier to handle, so while you are carrying a puppy in your arms, make sure you have provided with proper support to it. Use ahead to keep under their chest and another to support her back legs and rear. Ensure that you are not lifting your pup with front legs, back legs, neck, or the tail. For lifting an adult, Shibu inu conditions remain the same. 

  • Groom well

you need to keep up with frequent brushing and regular grooming to clean and reduce shedding. Ensure that you are regularly inspecting them for fleas and ticks during warm weather. There are many Shiba Inus that don’t require bathing during the year but only a few times. However, keeping with the comb and cutting nails is something that you need to practice regularly. 

  • House friendly

making your shibu inu home-friendly can be difficult to do, so you need to help them feel comfortable at home. Arrange a comfy, quiet place to sleep apart from all breezes. You can consider buying a dog bed for a comfortable sleep of your husky well you can practice it after a certain period surely. You need to put a clean sheet, comforter, blanket, and pillow inside the bed for proper support. 

License and identification

 you need to pay closer attention to license in your community. Connect the license to Shibu Inu’s collar. It would be helpful for you to recover your dog if ever lost.

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